Know Your Customer

A single, integrated, enterprise-wide KYC solution that efficiently manages global Know Your Customer KYC due diligence requirements throughout the entire lifecycle, from initial client onboarding to periodic reviews, ongoing maintenance, right through to offboarding.

  • No-code, SaaS solution helping financial institutions fulfil KYC regulatory obligations
  • Global Policy Rules Engine with KYC data, document and ownership and control rules for 120+ jurisdictions
  • On-demand client risk assessment calculations
  • Dynamic, advanced workflow and case management to guide users through KYC compliance processes

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Unlock the power of Fenergo Know Your Customer

Fenergo Know Your Customer (KYC) offers a risk-based approach to KYC compliance that efficiently focuses resources on higher risk clients and ensures lifecycle compliance with global and local KYC regulations.


Reduce risk & manage KYC compliance

Future-proof compliance with continuous monitoring of global and local KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.


Improve operational efficiencies

Fenergo KYC works in tandem with Fenergo’s external data and AML screening integrations to intelligently streamline the identification of low, medium and high-risk clients and automatically apply correct levels of customer due diligence.


Reduce total cost of ownership

Configurable, scalable, flexible - Fenergo KYC software connects all elements of the KYC process including data, documents, ownership & control, risk assessment and AML screening.

Code-free, drag and drop configuration empowers your users to make configuration changes directly through the Fenergo User Interface.

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Solve KYC compliance with Fenergo

Fenergo Know Your Customer (KYC) is an API-first solution that can be deployed as a standalone module or as part of Fenergo's end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform.

Its powerful business and regulatory rules engine comes pre-packaged with data, document, and ownership and control rules for all entity types across 120+ jurisdictions. This is complemented by Fenergo’s workflow and risk engines to dynamically drive KYC and AML requirements during every step of the client lifecycle, ensuring compliance with global and local KYC regulations.

It streamlines operational efficiencies by integrating seamlessly with Fenergo’s industry-leading data, ID&V and screening partners, eliminating silos between operational and compliance teams, and reducing client outreach.

With Fenergo Know Your Customer, you can:

Pre-packaged with KYC data, document, and ownership and control rules for all entity types and natural persons across 120+ jurisdictions, Fenergo KYC gives banks and financial institutions peace of mind that the correct levels of due diligence are being applied to clients and related parties.

Fenergo KYC's Risk Engine dynamically responds to inputs to a client’s profile and automatically calculates client risk assessment, dynamically driving appropriate levels of customer due diligence, including enhanced due diligence for higher risk clients.

Users can trust that the correct financial crime risk model is called at the correct point-in-time thanks to dynamic risk scoping rules, as defined by your business.

Fenergo’s Related Party Manager enables you to identify, create and visualize complex entity relationships and structures including ultimate beneficial owners and persons with significant control.

Fenergo’s dedicated, intuitive Configuration User Interface empowers your business to easily make changes to business rules and risk models to fit with your organization’s operating model without requiring IT support.

It also provides a full audit of all configuration changes through versioning, subject to governance controls as defined by your organization, enabling you to easily evidence model changes to auditors.

Legal Entity Data with external data providers: Simplifies the data collection process and uses information to validate against data provided by the client and, ultimately, improve client experience.

Screening integrations: Fenergo's Know Your Customer solution is complemented by advanced screening integrations to industry-leading screening providers to detect Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Sanctions and Adverse Media alerts, and support the AML process.

Fenergo KYC automatically determines periodic KYC review dates based on clients’ risk profiles, triggering review cases as the KYC review date falls due. It gives your organization the option to keep your clients’ KYC profiles up-to-date between review cycles with intelligent, continuous monitoring of your clients’ KYC and AML profiles to automatically generate and process alerts of changes in circumstances.

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The KYC Report

A Final Frontier for Digital Transformation in Banking.

This report investigates the direct and opportunity costs of allocating huge resources to KYC functions. Authored by Stella Clarke, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer & Cengiz Kiamil, Vice President, Strategy @Fenergo.

Learn More about the Report

Modular Addition for Fenergo KYC

Add more firepower to Fenergo KYC with Fenergo Smart Review

Fenergo Smart Review complements our KYC solution by giving financial institutions the power to streamline and automate the ongoing KYC process, leveraging:

  • Continuous KYC event monitoring
  • Automated Decisioning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Straight Through Processing

By maximizing automation within the KYC Review process, Fenergo Smart Review allows you to detect and action potential KYC risks earlier than the next scheduled review.

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