Fintech Compliance Solutions

Digital transformation that delivers greater operational efficiencies and future-proofed compliance.

Fenergo provides a suite of SaaS solutions that automates risk monitoring across the entire client lifecycle, ensuring continuous compliance by design.

  • Know Your Customer - Transform client journeys and manage compliance against KYC and AML regulations with an end-to-end approach.
  • Transaction Monitoring - Manage AML compliance, detect suspicious activity in real-time and reduce false positives.

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Future-Proof Compliance for Fintechs Against Evolving Regulations

As the financial services industry continues to digitally transform, regulatory requirements remain a key challenge for financial institutions such as Fintechs. In order to help mitigate financial crime and comply with evolving Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, Fintechs must ensure they have a robust KYC and AML process.

Companies that can adopt integrative, digital technologies to streamline financial crime and compliance processes, are in the best position to provide an elevated client experience, while remaining both compliant and competitive.

Transform Client Operations and Compliance

Our continuous risk monitoring solutions provide an integrated end-to-end approach to KYC and AML for fintechs, enabling a firm to onboard clients quickly and compliantly, conduct ongoing monitoring efficiently and effectively and ensure KYC profiles are always up to date.


Effective, Scalable Compliance by Design

Efficiently manage global Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) due diligence requirements throughout the entire client lifecycle, flexible and scalable to your business needs


Single Client View

Eliminate silos across your organization by maintaining a single, transparent, consistent view of client profiles shared across lines of defence


Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Monitor clients’ transactions in real time and block the transfer of funds where required. Reduce false positives by combining KYC and transactional data with configurable business rules and machine learning models


Perpetual KYC

Ensure continuous compliance through automated monitoring of client behaviour and event-driven updates to client profiles, ensuring accurate, up-to-date KYC records.


Shieldpay Selects Fenergo for KYC & AML Compliance

Market-leading fintech, Shieldpay, has partnered with Fenergo to achieve perpetual due diligence and scale operations. Shieldpay will now have the power to consolidate real-time client KYC and AML data in one platform, helping them to onboard clients faster.


Digitally Transform KYC and AML compliance

Close the loop on financial crime with Fenergo KYC and Transaction Compliance, combining our KYC and Transaction Monitoring solutions into a single, SaaS platform.

This integrated offering enables fintechs to verify who they are doing business with, gain an understanding of their business and risk profile and monitor their transaction activity to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Explore our standalone SaaS Solutions:


Know Your Customer

An enterprise-wide SaaS solution that efficiently manages global KYC due diligence requirements throughout the entire lifecycle, from initial client onboarding to periodic reviews, ongoing maintenance, right through to offboarding.


Transaction Monitoring

A real-time, data-driven transaction monitoring, alert management and reporting solution. Sentinels Transaction Monitoring gives fintechs the power to manage AML compliance, detect suspicious activity in real-time and reduce false positives.

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