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Digital Client Onboarding

Helping financial institutions digitalize and automate the end-to-end client onboarding journey, through client due diligence, risk assessment and regulatory compliance.Fenergo’s SaaS-native, API-first solution helps financial institutions transform client onboarding, achieve greater operational efficiencies and enhanced client experiences.


Discover the Power of Digital Client Onboarding

Fenergo combines digital client onboarding with powerful automation to increase efficiencies, reduce onboarding times and time-to-revenue, enhance client experience, and maintain regulatory compliance.


Increase Operational Efficiency

Digitalize and automate the client onboarding process to achieve greater operational efficiencies, reducing time to onboard and time to revenue.


Transform Client Experience

Enhance the experience for your clients through rapid onboarding with reduced outreach and fewer touchpoints.


Reduce Risk and Manage Compliance

Facilitate compliance management and reduce the risk of reputational damage and exposure to regulatory penalties by embedding your policies and controls throughout the onboarding journey.


Unlock Revenue Potential

Achieve quicker time to revenue and a reduction in client abandonment while focusing efforts on turning low value clients into high value clients and attracting new business with a greater competitive advantage.


Optimize Client Onboarding With Fenergo

Fenergo’s Client Onboarding software digitalizes and automates the onboarding process for Financial Institutions. Our SaaS-native solution leverages the latest cloud-based technologies making it flexible, scalable, and secure.

Fenergo’s innovative technology is API-first and supports no-code configuration. Our API framework allows for seamless integration into existing ecosystems and enables omni-channel onboarding. Easy-to-use UI configuration tooling provides ultimate flexibility and agility, allowing organizations to quickly adapt to evolving client needs and an ever-changing market.

Key Features

Powerful Automation

Automate the most expensive and labour-intensive tasks and processes of the client onboarding journey, including importing data from trusted third-party sources for entity data and AML screening, risk assessment calculations and approvals for low and medium risk clients. Fenergo enables FIs to define rules that determine what processes are automated, resulting in more efficient and effective client onboarding journeys.

Best-In-Class Pre-packaged Content

Fenergo provides pre-packaged best-in-class content to accelerate implementation times and time-to-value, with the flexibility to adapt and change journeys overtime as organizations evolve. All of this can be achieved through our intuitive UI based configuration tooling.

Sophisticated Workflow & Case Management

FIs can efficiently manage workloads across the team with Fenergo’s intuitive Case Management feature. Interactive dashboards give users a clear view of their caseload, including tasks that require their attention. Managers have access to a view of their team’s activities and key insights into their overall productivity. Fenergo’s sophisticated workflows allow FIs to orchestrate end-to-end client onboarding from application to account closure.

Onboarding Compliance & Process controls

Fenergo enables financial institutions to ensure their compliance procedures and controls are embedded in the client onboarding process, facilitating compliance with local and global regulations. Additionally, data validation features ensure accurate data capture in appropriate formats, reducing human error and ensuring high data quality.

Omni-Channel Onboarding via API Connectivity

Fenergo’s API-first technology allows for client onboarding to be initiated and processed via multiple channels such as the self-service Fenergo portal as well as end-to-end integration from front office CRM to downstream systems. Regardless of the channel used, Fenergo guarantees a seamless onboarding experience.

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What is Client Onboarding & KYC?

Client onboarding is the process by which Financial Institutions integrate new clients into their business and establish a working relationship. KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines and regulations require FI’s to adequately identify and verify those with which they do business. KYC is part of the client onboarding process but is also an ongoing obligation that must be met throughout the lifecycle of the business relationship.

How to Optimize Client Onboarding?

To ensure an efficient and effective process Financial Institutions must invest in client onboarding software. Many FIs suffer from either a lack of technology or fragmented systems that do not provide a single view of their clients. Technology can be leveraged to automate many of the manual tasks that exist in the client onboarding process as well as providing a single source of truth for client profiles across the institution, providing easier access to the right information at all times.

Why Choose SAAS for Client Onboarding and KYC

Software as a Service has many benefits and is the most popular method of provisioning enterprise software. Although financial services institutions were slow to adopt SaaS it is now widely accepted as in the industry.

The benefits of Fenergo SaaS:

  • Reduced time to benefit – a platform that reduces time spent on implementation and helps you realize the benefits quicker.
  • Lower cost of ownership – no-code configuration that allows for implementation and maintenance of the solution without the need for IT support.
  • Scalability & Integration – a solution that can grow with your organization and has the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and data sources, with appropriate API platform capabilities.
  • Flexibility – easy to use UI tooling allows non-technical users to maintain and update the application giving you the ability to rapidly adapt to changing requirements.

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