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Future-Proofing Global Financial Institutions

Future-Proofing Global Financial Institutions

Driving growth, ensuring regulatory safety and maximizing efficiencies for the world’s largest financial institutions.

  • Supporting financial institutions from all corners of the globe and financial services verticals
  • Continuous innovation and peer-validated technology solutions
  • Community approach to compliance future-proofs against evolving regulations

Client Case Studies

Award Winning Client Implementations

US Financial Institution

BNP Paribas S.A Celent Model Bank Winner for One KYC - A Fenergo Client Implementation

In 2022, Celent awarded BNP Paribas for the implementation of Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution as part of its ‘One KYC’ project, a group-wide utility for collecting, storing, and maintaining information and documents for Know Your Customer (KYC), onboarding and more for its corporate clients across all business lines and countries.

One KYC has enabled BNP Paribas to realize its ambitions in creating a single client view that increases transparency between entities operating within its entire global network, improving time to revenue and customer experience.

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Award Winning Client Implementations

Fenergo Implementation at a Major US Financial Institution

A large financial institution was facing major operational challenges while using internal workflows for CLM. The institution subsequently opted for Fenergo’s SaaS-based platform which was highly configurable to its needs.

This case study underscores the complexities that financial institutions face during solution implementation. It also emphasizes the need for adaptable platforms, strategic planning and ongoing collaboration to overcome challenges and achieve operational efficiency.

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Case Study

Mizuho Americas: Digitalizing Client Onboarding. A Celent Case Study

Managing Complex Regulations

Mizuho Americas selected Fenergo to transform its KYC operations to support its growing client base and modernize its approach to KYC, onboarding, and client data management.

The Solution

Fenergo's Client Lifecycle Management was selected for its extensive and configurable regulatory rules engine and digital client journeys to ensure consistent compliance, accelerate onboarding, and reduce friction for Mizuho Americas’ customers.

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Case Study

Northern Trust Digitizes Onboarding for Investors in Capital Funds

Northern Trust and Fenergo announced their partnership in May of 2022 to enhance the investor onboarding journey in private capital funds. The collaboration aims to digitize and streamline onboarding journeys and due diligence processes for anti-money laundering (AML) requirements such as Know Your Customer (KYC).

In this video, Clive Bellows, Head of Global Fund Services, EMEA, at Northern Trust talks about how Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solution streamlines client onboarding while improving operational efficiencies and client experiences.

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Fenergo Client Community

We believe that with our clients, we are greater than the sum of our parts. That's why we listen and follow their lead. Our client engagement model is what separates Fenergo from the competition and keeps us finely tuned to the needs of financial services. Our community provides a safe space for our clients to collaborate and air the operational challenges impacting their organizations’ ability to deliver optimized customer and employee experiences, meet regulatory obligations and drive revenue growth.

Fenergo Client Council

The Fenergo Client Council is our annual flagship community event that brings senior leaders from our globally dispersed client base to Ireland for two days of collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing and a side of Irish hospitality. This invaluable face time with the leaders of some of the world's largest and most important financial institutions provides us with the opportunity to really listen, measure success and action on our commitment to developing meaningful solutions.

Fenergo Client Forums

Client Forums

Battle Tested Solutions

We provide a forum where our clients can battle-test our products before they go to market, enabling us to deliver industry-validated technology that provides a solution to the challenges experienced by financial institutions today and in the future.

Our community program is arranged into five pillars, covering technology, regulation, user experience, project and senior leadership, and is where our subject matter experts and global client financial institutions collaborate and agree best practice solutions. The key outcomes from these sessions then get translated into codified rules in the software, ahead of regulatory deadlines. Our community approach ensures we can be consistent in delivering peer-validated solutions that future proof financial institutions against regulatory change, while providing economies of scale.

Northern Trust will deploy Fenergo’s technology in tandem with the expertise of our servicing teams to onboard investors faster through an efficient digital portal. The development will support clients and investors throughout the lifecycle, including continuous risk assessment of investor data, periodic reviews, as well as offboarding. Moreover, the reduction in manual document flow will enable our teams to focus on more value-added activities on behalf of our clients and further enhance our information security protocols."

Clive Bellows
Head of Global Fund Services, EMEA, Northern Trust

Aztec Group is pursuing an ambitious strategy in which technology plays a key role both operationally and for our clients. We’re looking forward to working with Fenergo to transform the way we approach the client lifecycle safely and securely. We saw an opportunity to overhaul our onboarding, due diligence and lifecycle management processes, using technology to shoulder the burden of administration and remove some of the effort needed from both our teams and our clients. As a result, we’re able to provide a much smoother onboarding experience and spend more time on value-adding interactions, rather than administrative tasks."

Charlotte Light
Chief Tehcnology Officer, Aztec Group

Fenergo's Regulatory Onboarding solution provides us with an additional level of flexibility and enhances our ability to prioritize our compliance initiatives."

Erica Benjamin
Managing Director for Client Onboarding, BMO Capital Markets

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