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Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing

An AI-driven, SaaS solution that enables firms to automate the document management process, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing operating costs.


Transform Operations with AI

Fenergo Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) enables the quick upload, analysis and management of both simple and complex document requirements.

It reduces repetitive actions, lowers the risk of human error for employees and reduces unnecessary outreach


Increase Operational Efficiencies

Fenergo IDP automates the processing of large volumes of documents, significantly reducing the time required for manual data entry and document handling, resulting in faster processing times improved data accuracy.


Transform Client Experience

Faster processing and accurate information handling leads to reduced client touchpoints and eliminates duplicate requests for information; ultimately expediting onboarding and product provisioning.


Reduce Costs

Fenergo reduces the need for a large workforce dedicated to manual processing, therefore cutting down operational costs.


Unlock Revenue Potential

Automation leads to faster onboarding times, accelerated service provisioning, improved client experience and increased client retention, thereby helping firms to grow their business with a greater competitive advantage.


Enhance the Client Experience with Fenergo IDP

Fenergo’s SaaS-native, no-code technology delivers an AI-driven document processing solution that can be tailored to your needs. When combined with our award-winning compliance and Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions, this platform forms a cohesive, efficient and robust entity data and document ecosystem.  

With simple drag and drop features, the system automatically classifies documents, extracts key data and links to the relevant document requirements.

Key Features

Document Splitting

Our document splitting capability recognizes if multiple documents have been uploaded within a single file. The system will split the file in to the individual documents and assign them to the correct document requirement.


When a document is uploaded, the system analyzes the content of the document and determines the ‘Document. Type’ that is most appropriate from the full list of user-configured Document Types.

Data Extraction

In parallel to the auto-classification process, the system will analyze the document and its content to determine whether it contains any relevant document and/or entity data.

Document data will be extracted and auto populate the relevant entity, regulatory or product data fields within tasks. Where document data conflicts with previously entered or sourced data, the user will be able to choose which persists.


Once the document has been classified, the system will automatically link the documents to the requirements for which it is deemed to be an acceptable document. This is based on user configuration and the mapping of acceptable documents to document requirements.


Once all documents are processed and all of the document requirements in the task are satisfied, then the system will automatically complete the task without any further manual intervention.

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