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Fenergo Platform

Fenergo Platform

Fenergo’s advanced end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management suite of software solutions enables you to deliver business transformation, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and impactful operational efficiencies, all the while delivering a superior customer experience to end-clients and investors.

The Fenergo platform is specifically architected for flexibility and portability. With flexible configuration, extensible modules and performance assurance, Fenergo delivers a rich platform with a rapid return on investment.


Fenergo SaaS Platform

A SaaS platform delivering secure, fast and flexible deployments.

Fenergo’s advanced end-to-end suite of Client Lifecycle Management software solutions use cloud native services to satisfy business needs, delivering greater feature value for financial institutions, while providing scalability, resiliency, and observability.

A highly scalable, cloud-native platform, Fenergo SaaS provides standalone features with full configuration and administration capabilities. It offers an authorized consumer the option to consume all features via APIs and utilizes flexible, scalable storage services with dedicated storage for each functional feature of the Fenergo platform.

Fenergo SaaS for Greater Return on Investment

With Fenergo's SaaS platform, financial institutions can experience all of the benefits of Fenergo's market leading CLM with the agility, scalability and economic advantages of a SaaS:


Achieve Business Transformation

Through no-code configurations and continuous delivery of product updates.


Reduce Risk

Fenergo CLM offers multi-region support that delivers protection for data privacy, data resiliency and high availability.


Realize Operational Efficiencies

Achieve lower total cost of ownership and rapid deployment.


Create a Superior Client Experience

Through availability of continuous innovation and features.

Fenergo SaaS Delivers

Secure, Fast, Flexible Deployment

With solutions that are developed using best practice approaches that ensure utmost scalability to meet user and data volumes, implementation efficiency and security requirements.

Event-Driven, API-First Architecture

Leveraging serverless API layers, containerized services, and cloud native data storage services, designed to tackle specific business challenges in each feature domain.

Omni-Channel Capabilities

Services are built to provide all feature capability in their corresponding API. APIs can be consumed individually outside of the Fenergo user application to satisfy other business use cases using API composition.

No-Code Configuration

Providing an easy, user-friendly platform that empowers financial firms to easily make no-code configurations to their Fenergo suite of solutions.

Modular Feature-Based Architecture

Allowing features to be built, released, and upgraded independently, allowing for parallel development of features and independent release cycles, eliminating the need for whole system upgrades.

Continuous Delivery

Placing DevOps principles at the heart of the architectural design, allowing for rapid feature deployment as part of the software development lifecycle. Rolling updates are published to independent features using industry standard best practices and tooling without the need for downtime or system wide impacts.

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