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Energy & Commodity Trading

Energy & Commodity Trading

Effective, efficient counterparty onboarding and future-proofed compliance without the operational overhead.

  • Faster, digitalized KYC and Onboarding of counterparties and supply chains
  • Simplified compliance with money laundering and sanctions requirements
  • Advanced, scalable SaaS technology and platform.
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Transform Counterparty & Supplier Onboarding

Fenergo KYC & Onboarding enables energy and commodity trading companies to onboard counterparties and suppliers of any legal form, including analysis and due diligence, risk assessment and screening.

Our solution seamlessly identifies and unwraps all parties related to a trade as well as supply chains, vendors or other third parties, and automatically and intelligently applies the correct levels of due diligence and screening.

From initial onboarding right through to offboarding, each step of the process is digitally orchestrated, allowing you to onboard quickly and effectively, eliminate manual workloads and achieve a 360° view of counterparties and suppliers.

Discover how Fenergo helps Energy & Commodity Trading firms

Fenergo’s KYC and Onboarding solutions transform the end-to-end counterparty onboarding and overall lifecycle experience, future-proof KYC and streamline operational and cost efficiencies.


Eliminate Manual Processes

Dynamic, rules-driven workflows automate manual tasks, expediting low-risk counterparties and allowing your resources to focus on high-risk trades. Native integrations to third-party data providers auto-populates counterparty records, seamlessly orchestrated by intuitive workflows, including data and document collection, risk assessment and PEP/sanctions screening.


Simplify Multi-Jurisdictional Due Diligence Requirements

Pre-packaged with KYC data, document and beneficial ownership identification and verification rules for all counterparty types across 120+ jurisdictions, our policy engine automatically and dynamically applies correct levels of due diligence to all counterparties to a trade.

Our policy and related party manager captures supply chain entities, allowing your users to easily identify and visualize simple or complex supply chain hierarchies.


Empower Your Counterparties to Seamlessly Self-Serve

Fenergo’s Digital Client Portal empowers counterparties and stakeholders to easily and intuitively upload data, documents and any other relevant information on-demand. Both counterparties and your internal users can instantly track in-flight applications, reducing unnecessary touchpoints and delivering a seamless counterparty experience.


Make Changes Easily & Instantly Through No-Code Configuration

Quickly react to evolving sanctions and regulatory requirements using Fenergo’s dedicated, intuitive Configuration User Interface. Empower your business users to make changes easily and instantly to business rules, regulatory policies, risk models, workflows and more, without needing IT support.

With Fenergo, you can:

Increase Operational Efficiencies Through Increased Automation

Fenergo's digital solutions drastically reduce onboarding times, minimize outreach during the onboarding and refresh processes, and digitally transform operational processes with integrated, end-to-end workflow orchestration and a complete 360° counterparty and trade view.

Reduce and Manage Risk

Centralized, consolidated KYC and regulatory rules ensure consistent application of policies across multiple jurisdictions. Automated, ongoing monitoring of counterparties through integration with data and screening providers ensures continuous risk monitoring and reduced operational burdens.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Built on a highly scalable, cloud-native platform and deployed as SaaS, our solutions allow your organization to leverage the latest KYC and Onboarding technology supported by rapid feature deployment and zero downtime. Business transformation is expedited through no-code configuration tooling and continuous delivery of product updates.

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