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Transaction Monitoring

AML Transaction Monitoring

A single, integrated SaaS solution that helps financial institutions detect a wide range of suspicious transaction activity in real-time – reducing false positives, while ensuring compliance with local AML transaction monitoring regulations.

  • Real-time detection engine
  • Pre-packaged data models, analytics, workflows and SAR filing
  • Efficient, effective workflow and case management
  • Rich, data-driven entity profiles

Transform AML Compliance with Fenergo Transaction Monitoring

Fenergo’s Transaction Monitoring tools offer effective, data-driven continuous transaction monitoring and alert management that reduces false positives, allowing you to focus resources on higher-risk customers and maintain AML compliance at scale.


Manage Compliance & Reduce Risk

Future-proof compliance with pre-packaged detection rules, workflows and reports, as well as continuous monitoring of global and local Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.


Improve Operational Efficiencies

Reduce false positives with a unique hybrid detection model. Our collection of robust detection scenarios optimize performance of AML processes and minimize false positives.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Configurable, scalable and flexible – Fenergo Transaction Monitoring connects all elements of the AML process, including entity profile data, risk scoring and sanctions screening.

No-code configuration empowers your business to adapt the solution to suit your business needs and the customers and jurisdictions you serve.

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Fight Financial Crime With Fenergo

Fenergo Transaction Monitoring is designed to help financial institutions accurately and efficiently detect a wide range of suspicious transaction activity, whilst intelligently lowering false positive rates.

Featuring a powerful hybrid detection engine underpinned by machine learning and supported by a robust scenario detection library, it facilitates both real- time identification of suspicious activity as well as post- event transaction monitoring, creating actionable client profiles for fast, effective data-driven investigations.

Built as SaaS on a multi-tenant, API-first architecture, Fenergo Transaction Monitoring is optimized for high performance, even at peak transaction volumes, scaling and performing seamlessly as your business grows.

With Fenergo Transaction Monitoring, You Can:

Detect Suspicious Activity in Real-Time Through Continuous Transaction Monitoring

Fenergo’s hybrid detection engine is designed to process traffic, identify suspicious transactions and block them in real-time, reduce false positives and identify true positives otherwise undetectable by legacy technology. Fenergo Transaction Monitoring can be integrated with existing AML monitoring systems, and embedded directly within transaction flows, delivering scalability and performant response times.

Investigate Alerts Through Intuitive, efficient Case Management

Pre-packaged and sophisticated workflow and case management capabilities guide users through alert handling. With an intuitive user interface, all relevant customer and transaction information is available and consolidated in one place, empowering analysts to manage alerts and investigations effectively and efficiently. Cases can be prioritized and assigned based on associated risk and business rules can control first and second line of defence escalations, facilitating efficient reporting to the FIU where needed.

Access All Transaction Activity in One Place

Rich customer profiles (containing Case History, Status Alerts, Customer KYC Data and Transaction History) provide a single source of customer truth accessible on one screen. Continuous transaction monitoring ensures that customer profiles are continuously updated with data-driven insights from Fenergo’s detection engine, in tandem with internal and external data sources, to support quick, accurate decision-making by alert and case investigators.

Validate and Audit Detection Rule Performance

Fenergo’s AML Transaction Monitoring software enables you to build powerful, performant detection scenarios using key data components sourced directly from integrated API feeds. Scenario rules can be selected and implemented from a wide library of pre-packaged detection scenarios to suit your organization’s needs, with additional scenarios configured directly by business users. New rules can be submitted for analysis with advanced back-testing capabilities, allowing analytics teams to simulate and predict detection rule performance quickly and easily.

Ensure Frictionless Integration

Fenergo Transaction Monitoring integrates seamlessly into existing technology ecosystems, resulting in reduced disparity and data silos between systems. Customer profiles are enriched with data from multiple sources to enable the generation of advanced alerts. Fully extensible and configurable, Fenergo’s powerful APIs are tailored to your specific business and transaction data needs.

Identify Bottlenecks and Manage Regulatory Filing

Management and analytics dashboards provide valuable insights into MI, team and detection engine performance, and can be customized per line of defence. Complete with expert and query tools, it facilitates SAR filing, continuous monitoring of performance and identification of bottlenecks.

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