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Private Banking & Wealth Management

CLM for Private Banking & Wealth Management

Enabling private banks and wealth managers to digitalize complex onboarding processes, increase operational efficiency and deliver a streamlined client experience across the client lifecycle.

  • Faster onboarding of complex clients
  • Optimized and digitalized client experiences
  • Regulatory compliance for complex requirements
  • Digital data acquisition and management

Discover the Power of Fenergo Clm

For Private Banks and Wealth Management Firms


Optimized & Digitalized Client Experience

Up to 80% of existing client data can be re-used for new account requests and regulatory obligations, minimizing the need to perform client outreach. Clients can easily self-serve with existing client portals or Fenergo Client Portal, enabling one-time and convenient collection of information.


Regulatory Compliance for Complex Requirements

Fenergo CLM delivers regulatory assurance across financial crime, tax and other compliance obligations. In collaboration with our 80+ financial services clients, Fenergo regulatory experts continuously monitor the regulatory landscape, future-proofing against new and evolving regulations.


Faster Time to Revenue With Increased Operational Efficiencies

Frees up relationship managers and other employees from performing administrative tasks to focus on providing higher value personalized interactions with customers (e.g. cross-sell and upsell products and services).


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Fenergo SaaS reduces the costs of managing and maintaining the  CLM  technology infrastructure and cost to change budget, reducing application, support and configuration (no-code config) costs.

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Spend More Time With Clients, Not on Client Processes

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a no-code SaaS solution, which enables Private Banks and Wealth Managers to create a digital and operationally efficient client onboarding process, whilst empowering teams to optimize client relationships and provide a personalized client experience.

This solution enables your organization to minimize operational overhead and remain in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Fenergo Clm Offers

Efficient, Omni-Channel Onboarding

Fenergo’s CLM SaaS solution streamlines the client onboarding, ongoing maintenance and periodic review processes across multiple channels within your operational ecosystem, connecting relationship managers, middle and back-office users throughout each client journey.

Fenergo CLM empowers your users to streamline the execution of operational and compliance processes directly from their channel of operation, providing real-time visibility of the client application through every stage of the client lifecycle to every stakeholder.

Digital Data Capture & Managament

Exceed your clients’ digital expectations by delivering frictionless client outreach through integration with internal and/or Fenergo client portals, providing secure data and document exchange, e-signature, and integrated biometric ID&V capabilities via our industry leading partners.

Integrated, Single Client View

API-first, Fenergo CLM seamlessly integrates to existing technology ecosystems to provide a single, consolidated view of your clients, from front to back office. Existing client data and documentation can be reused to facilitate expedited reviews and relationship extensions, thereby, maximizing positive client experience, whilst minimizing operational burdens.

Efficient, Omni-Channel Onboarding

Fenergo CLM for Private Banks & Wealth Managers delivers regulatory compliance across a number of different regulatory frameworks, spanning 120+ jurisdictions.

  • It determines the HNW client’s regulatory journey through the onboarding process and beyond, ensuring compliance with all in-scope regulatory obligations.
  • It delivers a consistent regulatory-driven workflow, reducing manual effort and ensuring lifecycle compliance.
  • It allows private banks and wealth managers to capture, visualize and analyze complex ownership and UBO structures in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. The solution visually maps out these relationships and defines the type of relationship between entities.
  • It reduces operational risk by incorporating an automated regulatory review process based off the calculated risk score attributed to the client.

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