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CLM for Asset Servicing

CLM for Asset Servicing

Digitally transform the client and investor onboarding experience.

Uniquely designed in partnership with the financial services industry, Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables asset servicing firms to deliver an exceptional end-to-end client and investor experience.

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Discover the Benefits of Fenergo CLM

For Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators


Transform the Client & Investor Experience

Improves client onboarding times by 82%, and reduces onboarding touchpoints by up to 90%, application abandonment by 25% and KYC review times by 37%.


Deliver Greater Operational Efficiencies

Leverage integrations to our external data provider partners and centralize investor lifecycle management processes in one place, minimizing the need for investor outreach. API integrations with internal and Fenergo investor portals empowers investors to self-serve, enabling one-time, digital and convenient collection of information.


Improved Financial Crime & Compliance

Fenergo’s risk-based and rules-driven approach to AML/KYC and regulatory compliance ensures regulatory assurance through every stage of the investor lifecycle, reducing the risk of non-compliance and related penalties. Its risk by exception ensures resources can be focused on high risk investors, leaving the lower risk ones to be straight through processed.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Fenergo SaaS reduces the costs of managing and maintaining the CLM technology infrastructure and “cost to change” budget,  reducing application,  support and configuration (no-code config) costs.


Accelerated Time to Market

Configurable, scalable, and flexible – available as an all-in solution or as single modules and delivering zero downtime deployment and upgrades.

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Transform the Client and Investor Experience

Fenergo Client & Investor Lifecycle Management is a SaaS solution which enables Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators to digitally transform and optimize the end-to-end investor onboarding and lifecycle experience. This results in future-proofed regulatory compliance and enhanced operational efficiency through user-friendly, automated and cost-efficient processes.

“Northern Trust will deploy Fenergo’s technology in tandem with the expertise of our servicing teams to onboard investors faster through an efficient digital portal. The development will support clients and investors throughout the lifecycle, including continuous risk assessment of investor data, periodic reviews, as well as offboarding. Moreover, the reduction in manual document flow will enable our teams to focus on more value-added activities on behalf of our clients and further enhance our information security protocols.”

Clive Bellows
Head of Global Fund Services, EMEA

Fenergo Clm for Asset Servicing Delivers

A Simple Platfrom Across the Investor Lifecycle

Fenergo CLM digitally transforms and streamlines end-to-end client & investor lifecycle management processes - from onboarding, efficient investor and counterparty data management through integrations, compliance reviews and remediation, all the way to investor offboarding.

Fenergo CLM for Asset Servicing reduces silos and increases transparency between compliance and operational teams, accelerating digital transformation and vastly improving both the investor, client and internal user experiences, while greatly reducing operating costs and risks.

Digital and Centralized Data Management

API-first, Fenergo CLM seamlessly integrates to existing technology ecosystems, facilitating efficient re-use of existing investor information to provide a single, consolidated view of the investor. The onboarding of future investments within a client’s fund offering are accelerated, maximizing both the client and investor experience, whilst minimizing operational burdens.

The solution also includes a purpose built investor portal, which allows clients and investors to upload or update data and documentation to support onboarding and compliance obligations. Fenergo CLM also integrates with transfer agents’ and fund adminstrators’ own investor portals via API, to facilitate the seamless collection and processing of investor information for onboarding and periodic KYC reviews.

Financial Crime & Compliance by Design

Fenergo CLM delivers a best-practice approach to regulatory compliance with a wide range of local and global regulations across 120+ jurisdictions, including Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), Tax (FATCA, CRS, DAC 6), data privacy and more.

This comprehensive solution includes:

KYC Policy Manager
- A single repository to centrally capture, manage and drive all KYC and non-KYC data, documents and related party ownership and control requirements for investors. It automatically identifies in-scope regulations and determines the data and documentation required to support and expedite the compliance process. Centralizing rules effortlessly keeps due diligence policy up-to-date.

Legal Entity Data Integrations with leading providers - Simplifies the data collection process and uses information to validate against data provided by the client and, ultimately, improve client and investor experience.

Related Party Manager - Captures, visualizes and analyzes complex relationships and ownership / control structures between legal entities in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. With dynamic real-time filtering and entity indicators, users can gain a clear picture of corporate structures and identify ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs). It also manages the capture of all data and documents required for these related parties, allowing mutual hierarchies to be shared across clients.

Automated Risk Assessments – Accurately determines the exact level of investor due diligence (standard or enhanced) required to be undertaken to onboard investors. It carefully measures risk across several risk-rated categories and calculates a risk rating for each. Fully configurable to your clients’ requirements, it enables the creation of multiple, fully customized risk models.

AML Screening – Delivers an automated, aggregated PEP, Sanctions and Adverse Media screening service through a single integration point to multiple industry-leading screening providers. It enables screening of both investors and related parties against one or more sources, allowing financial institutions to view and resolve matches in a single consolidated view. Users can determine the materiality of any confirmed matches to drive subsequent processes that feed directly into a client risk assessment.

Regular KYC Reviews – Ensures continued compliance throughout the investor lifecycle. The solution sets Next Review Dates and users can manually override risk and drive conditional stages, processes and tasks based on an investor’s risk rating. Furthermore, it facilitates different review cycles for every jurisdiction.

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