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Faster Onboarding

Streamlined and automated workflows that support Know Your Business (KYB) and anti-money laundering activities to combat financial crime.

Risk Monitoring

Ensure continuous compliance through automated monitoring of customer behaviour and event-driven updates to customer profiles, ensuring accurate, up-to-date KYC records.

Digital Experience

Provide a digital experience for your customers and merchants allowing them to submit their KYB data in a frictionless manner, reducing the number of unnecessary touchpoints.  

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Client Lifecycle Management

Digitally manage clients through every stage of the client lifecycle - from initial onboarding & Know Your Customer (KYC) to ongoing KYC reviews and client offboarding.

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Know Your Customer

Digitalize the end to end know your customer process for clients and counterparties throughout the entire client lifecycle. Simplify and automate due diligence with pre-packaged KYC rules and workflows, ensuring effective customer due diligence and regulatory compliance.

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Client Onboarding

A single, integrated client onboarding solution to connect stakeholders and provide a single client view. Streamline and automate end-to-end onboarding journeys, including KYC and risk, digital client outreach, client risk assessment and PEP and sanctions screening.

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Transaction Monitoring

Detect suspicious activity in real-time, trigger alerts, investigate results and report financial crime to authorities. Transform transaction monitoring effectiveness, reduce false positives and manage risk exposure to combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

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Regulatory Compliance

Simplify compliance with global regulations including ESG, Tax, Investor Protection and more. Accelerate client and counterparty  classifications through pre-packaged regulatory classification frameworks and tooling, as well as automated risk and suitability assessments.

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CLM for Salesforce

Provide Relationship Managers with real-time visibility over the end-to-end onboarding process directly from Salesforce, leveraging automatic updates & streamlined outreach, eliminating the reliance on ineffective email updates and duplicate requests for information.

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Advisory, Data & Product Partners

Fenergo partners with a host of market-leading advisory, implementation, data and product partners to create an end-to-end ecosystem of services and solutions for our clients.

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