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Corporate & Institutional Banking

CLM for Corporate & Institutional Banking

Transform complex client onboarding and lifecycle events into a simplified, streamlined digital client experience.

  • Onboarding & maintenance of multiple accounts for complex legal structures
  • Streamlined onboarding of low-to-medium-risk clients
  • Faster compliance with evolving regulatory requirements
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Transform Client & Compliance Operations

Operational efficiencies are a significant challenge for Corporate & Institutional banks (C&IB), as their competitors gain ground through digital transformation. Financial institutions need to navigate between delivering more efficient onboarding and enhanced client maintenance experiences, while facing the threat of ever-increasing fines for regulatory non-compliance.

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a cloud-native, SaaS-based solution that enables Corporate & Institutional Banks to onboard complex clients quickly and efficiently, delivering an exceptional client experience, whilst complying with all financial crime and compliance obligations throughout the client lifecycle.

Unlock the Power of Client Lifecycle Management for C&IB

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management enables financial institutions to transform the end-to-end client onboarding and lifecycle experience, future-proof regulatory compliance and enhance operational efficiency.


Reduce Risk and Manage Financial Crime and Regulatory Compliance

Fenergo CLM helps Corporate and Institutional Banks to achieve compliance throughout the client lifecycle with a wide range of regulatory frameworks across 120+ jurisdictions.


Achieve Faster Time to Revenue

Faster onboarding, straight through processing and a tight, digital orchestration process translates into significant time savings and efficiencies, helping C&IB firms achieve faster time to revenue.


Increase Operational Efficiencies

API-first, Fenergo CLM integrates with a wide variety of internal and external systems and data providers to ensure the continued flow, use and re-use of information through the client lifecycle.


Transform the Client Experience

Fenergo CLM delivers vastly improved operational efficiencies that result in faster onboarding, and a corresponding reduction in system hand-offs, integration, re-keying and duplication of data.


Unlock New Revenue From Existing and New Clients

With faster more efficient processes and an improved client experience, you can successfully cross-sell and up-sell to existing clients, whilst attracting more new business whilst growing a greater competitive advantage.

"The rapid growth of Mizuho Americas prompted us to look ahead to a more scalable solution that can handle our expanding client data set and an increasingly demand regulatory environment across the many markets in which we operate. It became obvious that choosing a partner company like Fenergo that specializes on the entire client lifecycle management was a good strategic decision for Mizuho."

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Mizuho Americas

Fenergo CLM for C&IB Delivers

Fast Onboarding of Complex Clients

Fenergo CLM allows the onboarding and maintenance of multiple accounts for complex legal structures. Client onboarding is fast and efficient.

A Single Client View Across the Enterprise

The solution promotes digital client data and document capture through advanced integrations with leading data and screening providers. It offers a digital client portal to capture outstanding information and centralizes all client information for future re-use.

Future-Proofed Financial Crime & Regulatory Compliance

Fenergo CLM supports compliance obligations across a wide range of regulations including AML/CTF, Tax (US Tax, AEOI/CRS, OTC Derivative Reform and Investor Protection etc.) It creates a holistic single client view that is used to accurately measure client risk. The solution enables the streamlined onboarding of low-to-medium risk clients, allowing financial institutions to focus key resources on serving higher risk or higher value clients.

Digital Client Journeys Throughtout the Client Lifecycle

Fenergo CLM offers tight, digital orchestration between internal stakeholders to ensure that client journeys are seamless and frictionless from initial onboarding through to ongoing KYC reviews, and through every client event that happens in between.

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