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CLM for Asset Management

CLM for Asset Management

Digitally transform the client and investor onboarding experience.

Uniquely designed in partnership with the financial services industry, Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables asset management firms to deliver an exceptional end-to-end client and investor experience.

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Transform the Client & Investor Experience

Asset Management firms have an opportunity to protect their margins and gain competitive advantage by improving operational efficiencies and strengthening their client and investor relationships. Their need to manage a growing volume of work, increase speed to revenue, meet regulatory obligations and transform the customer experience are all challenges that onboarding technologies are designed to solve.

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) for Asset Managers drastically reduce onboarding times, automate siloed manual processes and codify complex regulatory requirements, enabling businesses to deliver a truly optimized, efficient and transparent process from initial onboarding, through all touchpoints in the client and investor lifecycle.

Discover the Benefits of Fenergo CLM for Asset Managers

With Fenergo CLM, Asset Managers can achieve tangible return on investment and greater market share through key internal efficiency gains that translate into a better client and investor experience.

Read our latest research which finds just One Third of Global Asset Managers Have Completed Their Digital Transformation Projects


Digital Client & Investor Journeys

Fenergo's digital solutions drastically reduce onboarding times, minimize outreach during the onboarding and refresh processes, and digitally transform operational processes with end-to-end case orchestration and a complete 360° client and investor view.


Optimized Process Efficiencies

Fenergo CLM enables Asset Managers to deliver a truly optimized, efficient and transparent process from initial onboarding, through all touchpoints in the client and investor lifecycle.


Reduced Risk With a Single Client View

With its API-first approach, Fenergo CLM offers Asset Managers a true, integrated view of all clients and investors across all teams, business lines and jurisdictions. Fenergo integrates with a host of digital technologies that further accelerate and digitalize the client and investor onboarding and lifecycle management processes.


Community Approach to Compliance

Fenergo offers a truly engaged community-based platform. Led by our team of regulatory experts, our global client base feed directly into community forums, client advisory board meetings and product-specific working groups, allowing for mutualization of cost and future proofing against upcoming regulations.

Key Features & Functionality

Simplified Client & Investor Onboarding

Via a dynamic, rules-based workflow that is supported by an in-built risk assessment tool.

Digital Self-Service Channels

Including digital identification and verification (ID&V), eSignature and an omni-channel approach to digitally source information from clients and investors directly.

Multi-Level Management Information Dashboards

Providing visibility for executive, operational and client relationship employees.

AML/KYC & Regulatory Policy Engine

Providing consistent application of AML, KYC, tax and data privacy regulatory frameworks across the enterprise.

Automated Client & Investor Screening & Data Sourcing

Powered by advanced API integrations with industry-leading data and screening providers.

360° Client & Investor View

Providing clear visualization of ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and complex fund structures, enabled by centralized data and API data integrations.

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