Understanding the Regulatory Landscape

It’s easy to focus on day-to-day operations but to stay profitable and increase revenue, it’s necessary to stay ahead of the competition and innovate. Insight into where the market is going and what competitors are doing is key.

Is Innovation Becoming the New Compliance?

This report from Fenergo CRO, Chris Zingo, covers the major issues financial institutions face when it comes to staying innovative in the new digital paradigm and delivering client services that resonate.

  • The threat of FinTechs as new market disruptors
  • How partnerships can unlock hidden value to drive growth
  • Legacy technology and the ongoing complexity of regulations
  • The common pitfalls of identifying and implementing compliance solutions
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The Fed Asserts AML 'Deficiencies' at Major Bank

In this latest order, the Fed asserts that one major bank's problematic policies on money laundering have persisted beyond the ending of its relationship with a high-risk bank branch in 2015.

Reading Between the Fines in 2022

Regulators handed out just $4.2 billion in enforcement actions for non-compliance with a wide range of regulations in 2022, down 22% from 2021.

Raconteur: Fraud and Financial Crime

Stella Clarke (Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer) discusses why continuous risk monitoring is essential for FIs in today's climate.

Futureproofing Your Business

Preparing for future change is vital to your business. Reducing expenses by a small percentage year-on-year results in significantly more available cash to deploy and build services that are truly differentiated from your competitors.

Maximize ROI by Digitalizing KYC & Onboarding Processes

Watch our on-demand webinar to find out how to implement your multi-year spending plan in the most effective way and increase your discretionary spend flexibility, our panel discusses:

  • How to best conduct multi-year spend planning
  • Choosing between ubiquitous costs and unique costs
  • Adapting to the ongoing and increasing cost of compliance
  • Using platform automation for greater management information
  • The operational excellence afforded by increasing discretionary spend
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Digitalize Compliance with SaaS

Digital transformation is the future for the financial services sector. And while huge strides have been made in recent years, there’s so much more work to be done to protect your business against new challengers and to meet customer expectations.

Structural Market Shifts in Finance are Driving Innovation

This report covers how digital transformation rewards innovation, ways to overcome the risk of disintermediation, and the opportunities of taking a SaaS approach to technology with cloud services, diving into:

  • Tech debt and how to reduce it
  • The skyrocketing growth of fintechs
  • How to succeed at digital transformation
  • How digital transformation increases profit
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Bridging the KYC Technology Gap

  • How much does KYC really cost your financial institution?
  • Can we have ‘one single source of the truth’?
  • Is perpetual KYC the answer?
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Shifting to SaaS to Fight Financial Crime

Fenergo's CPTO explains the benefits of SaaS for FIs and making the switch to cloud-based compliance software, including: flexibility, scalability, and Faster deployments

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Data Trust and Security at Fenergo

The program scope covers Fenergo’s technologies, business processes and security culture across the global operating environments of both its production and corporate facilities.

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Managing KYC: Proactive approaches In discussion with Finextra TV at Sibos

KYC compliance has never been more important, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Watch and uncover how to overcome the complexities of compliance regulations.

Technology Enables Business

Truly understanding customer data is the best way to understand what they need and how to supply them with products that make a difference Far too much data sits in siloes and drives inefficiencies.

Celent Examines Mizuho x Fenergo

Celent has published an in-depth case study about Mizuho Americas’ journey to group-wide synergy for institutional client onboarding and data management.

Read the full case study to learn more about the bank’s challenges and benefits achieved by implementing Fenergo’s CLM.

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Northern Trust and CLM

Clive Bellows, Head of Global Fund Services, EMEA, at Northern Trust talks about how Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solution streamlines client onboarding while improving operational efficiencies and client experiences.

Breaking Compliance Barriers

Proving compliance is one of the most difficult parts of satisfying regulators. Understanding how the industry chooses to do this is one of the best ways to evaluate your own compliance process and meet this regulatory demand.

Global KYC Trends in 2023

Fenergo conducted extensive research into the KYC activity of the major corporate banks operating globally in 2023. The research surveyed 1100+ C-suite executives to uncover the realities of KYC

How slow onboarding drives away clients
Where investment spend is going for technology
Transaction monitoring challenges that plug into KYC
The role of AI, slow onboarding, and much more

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Fenergo Delivers Real Returns

The results of transforming the customer journey to a digital and compliance-first approach reach far beyond having better oversight of data and an improved customer experience. There are real operational and capital efficiencies at play.

Chartis RiskTech 100

This report by Chartis Research follows a rigorous evaluation of 100 vendors and provides Financial Institutions with a valuable assessment and benchmarking tool. Providers are evaluated and ranked based on product functionality, strategy, core technology, innovation, customer satisfaction and market presence.

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Empowering ABN AMRO to Deliver Digital KYC

ABN Amro talks with Fintech Finance at SIBOS about why they now partner with Fenergo to address their KYC and digital transformation challenges.

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See Real ROI Benefits with Fenergo from Chartis

The model is based on detailed data sets, including interviews with COOs, Head of Project and Program Management Strategy, and Managing Directors of Risk and Compliance; and an extended survey of 500+ institutions.

Aite Report Ranks Fenergo Best-in-class for CLM

This report focuses on the API-approach and workflow innovation & Fenergo's community-based approach to product development, depth of regulatory expertise and pre-packaged data solutions.

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