Client Lifecycle Management

Emerging from the aftermath of a financial crisis, Fenergo introduced a new concept that would denote how financial institutions manage client journeys and events from beginning to end, from onboarding straight through to offboarding: Client Lifecycle Management (CLM).

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Know Your Customer

Our 2023 research on KYC Trends has revealed that KYC continues to remain a people-driven, costly and lengthy operation for a lot of banks. On average, for a single client KYC review for Corporate / Commercial Banks, it’s taking 121-180 days to complete and costing $2,598. Over 6 in 10 banks are employing 1,000 – 2,000 full time employees to manage their KYC processes.

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The Fenergo Story

15 years ago, Fenergo was founded as a response to the challenges financial firms faced in complying with evolving regulations and onboarding clients efficiently after the 2008 financial crash.

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