Transforming for a Sustainable World & Business

A letter from Marc Murphy, Fenergo CEO.

New attack vectors, criminal methodologies, and regulatory requirements are constantly moving the goalposts and changing the way that firms comply with their obligations.

To detect and prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing, businesses must work hard to understand the financial activities of their customers by implementing transaction monitoring — a key component of a wider anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) framework.

Transformation is an important concept for Fenergo. It involves a changed mindset and strategy of moving away from a status quo that is no longer beneficial and moving step-by-step towards a better state of being. 

In our day-to-day work as a global software provider, we strive to transform how financial firms operate and manage clients efficiently and effectively within their technology and partner ecosystem. 

In the same way, as a global family of 850+ employees, we are on a mission to transform the world we live and work in to ensure a cleaner, safer and more equitable place where we can all thrive. 

That’s why ESG is so important – it reinforces our sustainability commitment by setting measurable targets and implementing actionable tasks that we can achieve every single day, month and year that bring us closer to an ideal state. 

Compliance and governance go to the heart of what we do as a business and how we operate. We have a commitment first and foremost to our employees, clients, investors, suppliers and other stakeholders to provide the necessary governance around our procedures that provide a safer way to do business. We also have a commitment to ensure that our company maintains the highest standards of diversity, equality and inclusion. 

With operations across the world, we are painfully aware of the impact that climate change is having on some of our colleagues, clients and their families in areas that are impacted most by the effects of climate change – the increasing prevalence of wildfires, flooding, and other climate-related catastrophes. Every little thing we do that encourages a more environmentally friendly way of doing business can provide a butterfly effect of change. 

Our transformation journey to Net Zero has begun.

Already, we are making a difference in terms of how we operate our company, provide policies for more equality and implementing targets that reduces our emissions. A change in mindset with actionable goals should create a changed outcome to the one we live in today.

Looking forward, we will continue to hold ourselves to account by setting targets that make a measurable difference, tracking progress and reporting on this progress in an open and transparent way. 

I look forward to updating you on our progress on this transformation journey! 

Marc Murphy
CEO, Fenergo 

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Transforming for a Sustainable World & Business

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