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Know Your Customer

Digitalized KYC processes throughout your client's lifecycle, ensuring effective customer due diligence and compliance with regulation.

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Client Onboarding

Digital, frictionless onboarding journeysfor all customer types, including KYC & due diligence, client outreach,risk assessment and screening.

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Transaction Monitoring

Detect, investigate and report suspiciousactivity to combat Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing.

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Account Opening

Accelerated account opening for cash management products.

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Loan Origination

Swift, simple, secure originations for all lending products.

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ESG Compliance

Simplify compliance with ESG regulations and standards through automated data collection, visualisation of supply chain hierarchies and ESG ratings and risk calculation.

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Market Recognition by Leading Analysts

REPORT: Global KYC Trends in 2023

Fenergo conducted extensive research into the KYC activity of the major corporate banks operating globally in 2023. The research surveyed 1100+ C-suite executives to uncover the realities of KYC.
- How slow onboarding drives away clients

- Where investment spend is going for technology

- Transaction monitoring challenges

- The role of AI, slow onboarding, and much more

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Fenergo Ranks Category Leader for KYC Software 2020 by Chartis Research

Download the report to find out how Fenergo KYC outperforms on entity resolution, reporting and dashboards, KYC risk scores, customer profile enforcement with additional data, customer onboarding and workflow engine.

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Aite Report ranks Fenergo Best-in- Class for Client Lifecycle Management Solution

The new report ‘Client Life Cycle Management Vendor Review: All on Board in Capital Markets?’ by global research and advisory firm Aite Group recognized Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution as Best-in-Class for capital markets.

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Chartis RiskTech100® 2022 –Research Report

The RiskTech100® 2022 is an independent study byChartis Research that evaluates the world’s majorplayers in risk and compliance technology.

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Customer Case Studies

"The rapid growth of Mizuho Americas prompted us to look ahead to a more scalable solution that can handle our expanding client data set and an increasingly demand regulatory environment across the many markets in which we operate. It became obvious that choosing a partner company like Fenergo that specializes on the entire client lifecycle management was a good strategic decision for Mizuho."

Excerpt from the Mizuho Americas case study.

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Excerpt from the Bank ABC case study.

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“We chose Fenergo for both their deep, out-of-the-box CLM functionality and their v8 technology that is a good fit with our own modernized technology landscape. I look forward to working with the Fenergo team and their wider client community to input into the continually evolving product and regulatory roadmaps."

Excerpt from the BNP Paribas case study.

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