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Fenergo Financial Crime & Compliance fuses the latest technologies to enable financial firms to comply with a wide range of local and global regulations including Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Know Your Customer (KYC), Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR), Tax, OTC Derivatives and Data Privacy rules spanning 100+ jurisdictions. With Fenergo Financial Crime & Compliance, financial institutions can fight both domestic and cross-border financial crime and deliver compliance efficiently and effectively.
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We chose Fenergo’s solutions because they will enable us to meet the increasing complex regulatory frameworks with an efficient and client-centric onboarding experience.

Fenergo’s Financial Crime & Compliance gives a financial institution:

Enterprise-Wide Compliance

Ensure compliance across 100+ jurisdictions and multiple regulatory frameworks with intelligent coverage

Automated Risk Assessments

Automate risk assessments and accurately calculate the exact level of client due diligence required

A 360-Degree View of Risk Exposure

Gain a complete view of complex legal entity structures and easily identify every Politically Exposed Person

Future-Proofed Compliance by Design

Achieve 80% reduction in regulatory change management costs with our community-based approach

Our Financial Crime & Compliance Solutions include:

  • AML / KYC Compliance
  • Fen Rules
  • Tax Compliance
  • Data Protect
  • Regulatory Community
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Rules-driven, risk-based approach to AML & KYC across 100+ countries

Fen-AML is a rules-driven, risk-based approach to compliance. We ensure that financial institutions meet their Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance obligations across multiple jurisdictions.

Fen-AML enables financial institutions to:

  • Adopt a consistent approach to AML compliance across 100+ jurisdictions
  • Enjoy enhanced knowledge of all entities with whom it does business through Fenergo HierarchyManager, which comes packaged with Fen-AML
  • Offer a streamlined customer journey with inbuilt intelligence and advanced data connection tools
  • Reduce the cost of compliance with improved efficiencies due to digitalization of data and documentation gathering
  • Future-proof KYC compliance through automatic rules updates
  • Focus valuable compliance resources on higher-risk entities with straight through processing and management of risk by exception.
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Regulatory Rules-Driven Assurance Across 100+ jurisdictions

FenRules is a standalone out-of-the-box regulatory rules engine that helps financial institutions to comply with immediate regulatory obligations and future-proof against evolving regulatory and operational requirements, including AML, KYC, Tax Compliance and Data Privacy rules. It brings together – in one repository – all the embedded content, intelligence and rules required to support best practice compliance across 100+ jurisdictions.

Fen-Rules enables financial institutions to:

  • Gain borderless compliance across 100+ jurisdictions and multiple regulatory frameworks
  • Accurately determine the exact level of client due diligence required and understand data and documentation needs upfront
  • Reduce regulatory interpretation of rules and deliver a more consistent and streamlined compliance process
  • Benefit from an 80% reduction in regulatory change management cost with out-of-the-box integration to all the major external data and screening providers
  • Have access to an externally-validated regulatory roadmap for peace of mind with best practice regulatory rules
  • Deploy FenRules as a standalone solution (on-prem and SaaS)


Tax Compliance

Streamline Client Onboarding & Classification for CRS and US Tax Compliance

Fenergo TaxComply facilitates financial institutions to effectively manage their tax compliance obligations, enabling them to meet their obligations with both US Tax (FATCA and 871M) and Common Reporting Standards (CRS). It enables financial institutions to comply with the full regulatory, data and onboarding remit of tax obligations for both existing and new account opening and client onboarding.

Powered by Fenergo’s Regulatory Rules Engine, Tax-Comply enables financial institutions to: 

  • Identify new or existing clients who may be in scope for tax compliance based on key customer data inputs
  • Automate the collection, validation, processing and storage of tax-based documentation
  • Streamline client/investor outreach with a step-by-step form filling interface delivered through Fenergo Client Connect
  • Uncover beneficial owners with a single, aggregated view of legal entity hierarchies
  • Remediate and classify existing clients who are in-scope for reporting and reduce manual outreach
  • Comply with the full regulatory, data and onboarding remit of tax obligations.

Global Data Privacy Compliance in line with AML/KYC Obligations

Fenergo Data-Protect is a fully automated, rules-driven solution that manages data privacy regulatory obligations when onboarding new customers/products or managing customer events throughout the lifecycle. An out-of-the-box solution, it offers a data protection framework to manage key data sets that are common across all data privacy rules and regulations, enabling financial institutions to comply with existing data privacy rules and prepare for emerging data privacy regulations.

Fenergo Data-Protect enables financial institutions to: 

  • Easily manage all AML/KYC and regulatory compliance obligations in tandem with applicable data protection rules
  • Remove regulatory interpretation of data privacy rules during the onboarding and compliance processes
  • Efficiently manage Personal Identifiable Information by ensuring data is collected, maintained and used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • Support data purpose and minimization (i.e. only necessary data is collected for the specific purpose)
  • Maintain a full audit trail of changes or updates to data
  • Future-proof your data privacy compliance with access to a regulatory roadmap of emerging data privacy regimes.
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Building a client community-led and proven, mutualized approach to regulatory surety.

Fenergo’s Regulatory Community is a major differentiator. Our community approach to compliance combined with our best-in-class regulatory rules pairs future-proofed rules with hands-on collaboration to help our clients stay one step ahead of regulatory deadlines. Our community is made up of over 20,000 compliance professionals who meet to discuss and share best practice ideas for compliance.

Our robust regulatory community helps our clients to:

  • Have direct input to our regulatory roadmap
  • Discuss best-practice compliance processes
  • Discuss regulatory requirements and how best to approach them with a network of peers
  • Benefit from the non-competitive nature of compliance and mutualize risk to solve complex challenges
  • Participate in working groups to ensure their upcoming regulatory needs will be met and suggest any requirements from our Regulatory Rules Engine.

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