CLM for Salesforce®

Deliver a better client experience by digitally connecting every client journey through the client lifecycle.

  • Fast, efficient client onboarding 
  • 360-degree client view 
  • KYC, AML and regulatory compliance-driven workflows in your CRM
  • Scalable, configurable, API-first, SaaS solution
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Discover the benefit of integrating Salesforce CRM with Fenergo CLM

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce provides a single client view by digitally connecting client onboarding journeys from front office client relationship management (CRM) systems with middle office CLM. With this, financial firms can: 


Automate risk and compliance

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce delivers compliance across AML, KYC and other regulatory frameworks (data privacy, tax, OTC derivatives), future-proofing financial organizations against evolving regulations.


Maximize operational efficiencies

Fenergo’s digital journey orchestration and straight through processing capabilities deliver faster omni-channel onboarding for clients and quicker time to revenue for financial institutions. 


Transform client experience

With faster client onboarding and more controlled digital client journeys, Fenergo can help financial institutions to deliver an exceptional experience for clients and bank employees alike.


Unlock revenue potential

The ability to deliver an excellent client experience through every touchpoint in a client’s journey helps to unlock more wallet and revenue share per client. Fenergo empowers institutions to onboard more clients in a quicker timeframe.

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Digital client journeys

A disjointed client journey corresponds with a downgrade in client experience. Furthermore, every disconnect that exists between internal stakeholders (relationship managers, client onboarding, KYC specialists etc.) contributes to a poor employee experience.

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce transforms the client onboarding and client lifecycle management process. The solution combines the strengths of the world's number one CRM solution with the advanced capabilities of Fenergo's Client Lifecycle Management solution. It digitally connects every client event and internal stakeholder (relationship managers, client onboarding, KYC specialists) involved in the client onboarding process, enhancing visibility of the client journey and tighter coordination between each party.

This joined-up approach empowers financial institutions to gain significant internal operational efficiencies that help deliver superior client experiences, whilst ensuring compliance throughout the lifecycle.

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce delivers

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce delivers a truly frictionless and digital client journey from prospecting to onboarding and lifecycle events. The solution digitally connects every stakeholder in the onboarding process including sales, legal and KYC compliance. As the client onboarding journey progresses in Fenergo, the relationship manager receives real-time visibility of the customer onboarding status from the Salesforce screen.

Fenergo’s regulatory rules engine ensures regulatory compliance throughout the client lifecycle. With just some basic client information, Fenergo’s regulatory rules engine can determine all the data and documentation required to support the KYC process. With a complete and accurate client profile, financial institutions can accurately calculate a risk rating and expedite KYC/client due dilligence.

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce enables financial institutions to digitally acquire, store and share client information across the enterprise. For any outstanding documentation, relationship managers can perform client outreach directly, easily and efficiently uploading client documentation. The solution delivers a best-in-class digital client outreach experience via the Fenergo client portal, digital identification and verification (ID&V) and e-Signature capabilities.

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“The ultimate goal of the Fenergo-Salesforce integration is to remove friction for the relationship manager and deliver a seamless customer experience.”

Rohit Mahna, SVP & General Manager, Financial Services


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