The Aurora / Fenergo Partnership

Aurora are the Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) experts. Their deep knowledge of CLM transformation delivery across Financial Services, encapsulates both CLM technology and the business operations that enable highly successful client outcomes in the onboarding space. Their 8-year partnership with Fenergo has resulted in numerous demonstrable successes in delivering Fenergo’s SaaS technology and transforming the operating models of Tier 1 & Tier 2 Financial Services clients.

Aurora partner with financial institutions looking to enhance efficiency, compliance, and client experience. Their comprehensive suite of services is underpinned by a deep commitment to solving the complex challenges associated with client lifecycle management.  

Aurora’s approach to client lifecycle management is led by a team of industry veterans who understand the importance of seamless client experience in building trust and loyalty.  The company's team of experts boasts extensive experience in Operating Model design and delivery, regulatory compliance, risk management, and technology integration, making them well-equipped to address the unique needs of their clients in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Advisory Services

Aurora Health Check by Fenergo

Learn how Aurora’s Health-Check service enables financial institutions who are embarking on digital transformation initiatives to blueprint the journey with success.

Aurora Plan the Plan by Fenergo

Ensure rapid delivery and avoid the common obstacles and pitfalls of typical Reg-Tech projects with Aurora’s detailed CLM initiation plan and roadmap.

Become a Partner

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