KYC for Fintechs

Digital transformation that delivers greater operational efficiencies and accelerated growth opportunities

An integrated, enterprise-wide, end-to-end approach to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance for fintechs. Fenergo KYC efficiently manages global KYC due diligence requirements throughout the entire lifecycle, from initial client onboarding to periodic reviews, ongoing maintenance, right through to offboarding.

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Fenergo KYC helps fintechs to:

Fenergo’s KYC solution utilizes a risk-based methodology that concentrates efforts on clients with a higher risk profile, while also ensuring adherence to global and local KYC regulations throughout the entire client lifecycle. This approach allows for efficient resource allocation and robust compliance management.


Future-proof Compliance

With our expert approach to tackling the latest regulatory challenges, Fenergo’s complete case management solution provides automated KYC and AML rules, and a single source of truth for data and documentation.


Unlock Revenue Potential

With a more compliant, enhanced client experience and a better understanding of your clients’ business, you can successfully identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to existing clients, manage associated risk, whilst attracting new business with a greater competitive advantage.


Achieve Greater Operational Efficiencies

By reducing manual, fragmented or duplicated processes, Fenergo unifies client data into a central repository, as well as introducing the ability to track, manage and audit the book of work for all teams.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Fenergo SaaS reduces the costs of managing and maintaining technology infrastructure and “cost to change” budget, reducing application, support and configuration costs.

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Solving KYC Compliance with Fenergo

Fenergo KYC is a SaaS solution that helps fintechs comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. 

It provides an integrated and automated approach to compliance, allowing financial institutions to digitally transform client journeys in strict compliance with AML/KYC regulations. Fenergo KYC is flexible, configurable and scalable, with no-code configuration and API-first connectivity, allowing financial institutions to easily adapt to changing regulations.

Fenergo KYC delivers

Fenergo KYC is a sophisticated workflow and case management solution. It orchestrates tasks across all actors/functions of the KYC and AML process, from client onboarding all the way throughout the relationship, providing a faster, automated and compliant account opening. Fenergo’s case management and native dashboards reduce manual handovers between functions and provide oversight and control of the book of work to facilitate growth.

Fenergo KYC is a SaaS solution that includes next-level API connectivity to rapidly accelerate transformation projects, enabling your firm to scale operations on-demand. It delivers advanced integrations to a rich array of data providers (BvD, Kompany), screening providers (World-Check One, LexisNexis, Grid) and other technology vendors (Jumio, Salesforce) to create a compliant and efficient onboarding and client lifecycle experience.

It creates an enterprise-wide, single client view that ensures clean, centralized and accurate data and documents throughout the KYC and AML process. Fenergo’s document upload and management system provides a central repository for client documentation, allowing for full traceability, visibility and re-use. This gives operations and compliance teams access to the same information and records, minimizing the client touchpoints and ensuring compliance.

Fenergo’s off-the-shelf Financial Crime and Regulatory Rules ensure compliance and mitigate risk. These no-code rules can be configured to alleviate specific risks to your business but also support local and global regulatory compliance. Fenergo’s policy-driven compliance is backed by our in-house experts and offers best-in-class operational and regulatory risk mitigation. The Fenergo Risk Engine enables financial institutions to automate financial crime risk assessment using a flexible, granular and configurable framework.

KYC Trends Report Cover

Read our KYC Trends Report

A Final Frontier for Digital Transformation in Banking.

This report investigates the direct and opportunity costs of allocating huge resources to KYC functions. It reveals:

  • How much time a firm typically spends on KYC reviews
  • How much each KYC review costs
  • Opportunities for automation and smarter KYC reviews

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Shieldpay select Fenergo Press Release

Shieldpay selects Fenergo for KYC & AML compliance

Market-leading fintech, Shieldpay, has partnered with Fenergo to achieve perpetual due diligence and scale operations. Shieldpay will now have the power to consolidate real-time client KYC and AML data in one platform, helping them to onboard clients faster.

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Modular Addition for Fenergo KYC Add more firepower to Fenergo KYC with this add-on module

Fenergo Smart Review complements our KYC solution by giving financial institutions the power to streamline and automate the ongoing KYC process, leveraging:

  • Continuous KYC event monitoring
  • Automated Decisioning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Straight Through Processing

By maximizing automation within the KYC Review process, Fenergo Smart Review allows you to detect and action potential KYC risks earlier than the next scheduled review.

Read more about Smart Review.

Explore our suite of solutions:

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Continuous Risk Monitoring

Our continuous risk monitoring solutions provide fintechs with an integrated end-to-end approach to KYC and AML, enabling a firm to onboard clients quickly and compliantly, conduct ongoing monitoring and ensure KYC profiles are always up to date.

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Transaction Monitoring card

Transaction Monitoring

A real-time, data-driven transaction monitoring, alert management and reporting solution. Sentinels Transaction Monitoring gives fintechs the power to manage AML compliance, detect suspicious activity in real-time and reduce false positives.

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Sanctions Screening card

Sanctions Screening

A flexible, scalable and configurable AML solution that supports PEP, sanctions and adverse media screening. Sentinels Sanctions Screening enables financial institutions to screen clients and transaction parties on-demand.

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