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Engineering @ Fenergo

Engineering @ Fenergo

At Fenergo we love software engineering. Our SaaS platform is at the very heart of our business, and we have employed the best in class, modern cloud technologies to deliver award winning products for our customers.

Creating great software is more than just technology. We have defined a process which targets the right outcomes, empowered our people to do their best work, and that alignment helps us build an innovative product that delivers results for our customers.


Learn More About Engineering @ Fenergo

Whether you are a client, a technical partner or perhaps even a software engineer who's interested in what we do and how we work, you have arrived at the right place.

You can learn about our Engineering Process, Our People and Our Products right here. Below are links to our Developer Hub which has technical details about how consumers can understand and work with our cloud-based SaaS Application and also a link to our Engineering Blog for some deeper dives into relevant and interesting technical topics.


Our Process

We focus on WHY?, continuously asking - are doing the right things? For the right reasons?. This allows us to dedicate our precious time where it can be most effective. We demand High Standards and strive to do the best work we can every day. We stay accountable to each other through open and transparent communication.


Our People

The engineering community are responsible for building and delivering our SaaS platform. They get to work in a fast-paced environment, solving programmatic problems daily. Structured across multi-disciplinary teams, our engineers work with best-in-class tooling and technologies to take ownership over their code and steward it through to production.


Our Products

The products we engineer are SaaS applications which adhere to the principals of API First / Config First. Using Event Sourced, Multi-Tenanted, Globally Distributed architectures, we employ the best of modern cloud native, serverless solutions to build software that meets our client needs.


Fenergo Engineering Blog

Our Engineering Blog is a platform for us to showcase our technical team, their expertise, and share our experiences with Cloud Technology, SaaS Engineering, API-first Strategy, Continuous Delivery and more.


Fenergo Developer Hub

The fenergo Developer Hub contains documentation and technical guides to help users learn about the capabilities of our API First Platform and build integrations which deliver on your use cases.

Join the Fenergo Engineering Team

The workplace of choice for great people and the technology of choice for financial institutions. We employ the brightest minds and the most advanced technologies.