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The Fenergo Brand

The Fenergo Brand

In July 2022, Fenergo unveiled a new corporate brand to coincide with the launch of Fenergo’s next chapter of growth – what we call "Chapter 3".

Chapter 3 is a significant milestone that recognizes our journey to date, our maturity in the market and our growth ambitions in the future.


2009-2022: A brief history of Fenergo

Since the inception of our scrappy start-up back in 2009, Fenergo has undergone three intensive periods of growth.

These are categorized into three different chapters in our history.


Chapter 1: The start-up phase


Signing of first three clients in North America. First round of funding for €4m.


Chapter 2: Funding growth


Second round of funding with Insight Venture Partners for €75m, powering the engine for international and product growth.


Seguridad reglamentaria y comercial


In 2021, Fenergo embarked on this third chapter of growth following an acquisition by Bridgepoint and Astorg, creating a Unicorn.

In 2022, Fenergo made its first acquisition with Sentinels, an AI-based anti-money laundering transaction monitoring regtech start-up. Read more on our Sentinels acquisition.


A new brand to power a new chapter of growth

In Chapter 3, we will reaffirm our position as the number one choice for Client Lifecycle Management software for a wide spectrum of financial firms including Commercial Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Mid-Market Banks, Asset Management firms, Payments and Fintech firms.

1. Build Culture & Community

Through our community, we are committed to creating solutions that enable our clients to operate in complete confidence. Our inclusive, collaborative culture is an incubator for the innovation that will drive your growth.

2. Innovate with Purpose

Our relentless focus on innovation allows our clients to work better and accomplish business goals.

3. Deliver Data-led Insights

We deliver meaningful insights which create value for our clients and their customers.

So what has changed?


New logo & tagline

Our logo captures the essence of simplicity through the clean typeface. The ‘O’, represented by a toggle, symbolizes the brand activation and the switching on of Fenergo’s industry leading solutions.

Our tagline - Future-Proofing Client Lifecycle Management - embodies everything we strive to deliver for our clients.


Corporate messaging

Fenergo acts as a bridge between financial institutions and their customers, transforming their overall experience and relationship. We help firms feel safe by continuously monitoring risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

By enabling operational efficiency and digital transformation, we drive value creation to solve the problems of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.


Rebranded assets

We have transformed every part of how we present ourselves to the world – from PPT decks, to brochures, snackable videos, email signatures all the way to a whole new website experience.

We’ve leveraged this rebranding program as an opportunity to lay the foundations for our future growth and successes.


New naming conventions

Driven by four value drivers, Fenergo is revolutionizing how we deliver new modular, SaaS solutions that empower financial services firms to achieve:

  1. reduced risk and manage compliance
  2. improved operational efficiencies
  3. a great client experience, and
  4. greater revenue potential.

Brand usage

We allow use of our logo by third parties by specific permission only. To request permission, please contact us.