Transforming for a
Sustainable World & Business

Letter from the CEO

Transformation is an important concept for Fenergo. It involves a changed mindset and strategy of moving away from a status quo that is no longer beneficial and moving step-by-step towards a better state of being.

In our day-to-day work as a global software provider, we strive to transform how financial firms operate, manage clients, and prevent financial crime within their technology and partner ecosystem.  

In the same way, as a global family of 650+ employees, we are on a mission to transform the world we live and work in to ensure a cleaner, safer, and more equitable place where we can all thrive.  

That’s why ESG is so important – it reinforces our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility by setting measurable targets and implementing actionable tasks that we can achieve every single day, month, and year that bring us closer to our goals.  

Compliance and governance go right to the heart of what we do as a business and how we operate. We have a commitment first and foremost to our employees, clients, investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to provide the necessary governance around our procedures that provide a safer way to do business. We also have a commitment to ensure that our company maintains the highest standards of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

With operations around the world, we are painfully aware of the impact that climate change is having, such as the increasing prevalence of wildfires, flooding, and other climate-related catastrophes. Every little thing we do that encourages a more environmentally friendly way of doing business can provide a butterfly effect of change.  

Our ESG transformation journey has begun. ‍

Already, we are making a difference in terms of how we operate our company, providing policies for more equality and implementing targets that reduce our emissions. A change in mindset with actionable goals should create a changed outcome to the one we live in today.

Looking forward, we will continue to hold ourselves to account by setting targets that make a measurable difference, tracking and reporting on our progress in an open and transparent way with one eye on opportunities for further future improvement.

I look forward to updating you on our progress on this transformation journey.

Marc Murphy, Fenergo CEO.
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2023 Sustainability Report

In this report, we will outline our commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance. Our goal is to create long-term value for our stakeholders while minimizing our impact on the planet.  

Download the Report

Fenergo's ESG Policy

At Fenergo, we are committed to making a positive impact on the planet and its people. We have adopted the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Statement to articulate how we identify, address, and live up to these responsibilities, and how we will work to mitigate risks related to ESG.

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Social Posts

Take a look at what the global Fenergo team has been up to and how we’re working towards a more sustainable, socially responsible world.


Fenergo Commits to Science Based Target Initiative

Fenergo has announced the adoption of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for more transparent and detailed carbon monitoring, controls, and disclosure.

Fenergo Scoops Silver in EcoVadis Sustainability Ratings Awards  

Rated by EcoVadis (438), Fenergo scores better than most of its peers in all four themes.

Gender Pay Gap Report

Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture – discover our 2023 gender pay gap report for Ireland.


The Journey to Reduce Fenergo’s Environmental Footprint

There is no escaping the impact that climate change is having on our world. The increases in adverse and extreme weather events pose massive risks to lives and livelihoods.

Global warming is a reality we can no longer ignore as temperatures increase year-on-year, melting ice caps and causing sea levels to rise.

Annual anomalies in global land and ocean surface temperature from 1880 to 2022, based on temperature departure (in degrees Celsius).

Fenergo’s Environmental Commitment

Fenergo is committed to working in harmony with the environment by seeking to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations.

Fenergo’s ESG strategy is focused on three major areas of environmental impact:
1. Decarbonising our global business model and operations.
2. Increasing our investments in sustainability.
3. Partnering with a wider ecosystem to sign up to our sustainability targets.

Carbon Reduction Commitment and Actions

In 2022, Fenergo committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, joining the global effort to mitigate the effects of climate change.

We have adopted the SBTi with a view to further our sustainability efforts, setting an ambitious but achievable target for reducing emissions and becoming a more environmentally friendly company with sustainability at the heart of how we operate globally.

Contributing to a Greener World

As a global company, the most significant impact of Fenergo’s business activities on the environment is the emission of greenhouse gases resulting from operating the company’s offices worldwide and from the associated travel involved in implementing world-class technology solutions in client sites.  

Below is a snapshot of how Fenergo is contributing to a greener world.

Energy Efficiency

Reducing the physical space we use and improving energy efficiency across our real estate portfolio and technology.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

We are working on reducing, reusing, and recycling the waste produced from all eight office locations to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Re-using and Donating

Unused or old IT hardware is donated to local charities and other socially important institutions to give it a second life.

Employee Bike to Work Scheme

Hundreds of Fenergo employees have signed up to this incentive since its launch in 2013 to promote the health and environmental benefits of cycling to work.

Public Transport

With offices in 16 cities around the world and the vast majority of Fenergo employees travel to work on public transport, with a growing number opting to cycle or walk further reducing our carbon footprint.

Minimizing Carbon Footprint

Fenergo deploys a range of cloud-based communications tools and technologies to minimize the amount of air travel that employees need to undertake.

Work from Home

Fenergo’s flexible and hybrid work arrangements allow employees to work from home for a portion of the week, reducing the need to commute and travel.

Ongoing Education

Educating and working with employees, suppliers, and partners on more energy efficient ways of providing and recycling materials and services.


The Journey to a More Diverse,
Equitable and Inclusive World

As a rapidly growing global company, Fenergo strives to conduct its business in a socially responsible manner in each of the markets in which we operate.

We believe in supporting the local communities in which our employees, clients, partners, investors and suppliers live and work.

Our Employees

Our employees are our greatest assets. That’s why Fenergo is committed to achieving the highest standards in the workplace. Fenergo offers all our employees clear and fair terms of employment and provides resources to enable their continual development.

We provide safeguards to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and can perform effectively in a working environment that promotes tolerance and is free of harassment or discrimination of any kind.

We also operate an equal opportunities policy for all present and potential future employees and continually monitor this to ensure that no employee is discriminated against, harassed, or victimized based on protected characteristics such as gender, race, religion, or disability.

As part of our commitment to further the development of our employees, Fenergo operates a knowledge management and training program to ensure the sharing of knowledge, processes, and skills across the organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a global company, creating a workplace that focuses on representation, fairness, and equal opportunities for all is especially important to Fenergo.

In our efforts to become a company where individuals can bring their authentic selves to work each day,  

Fenergo’s DE&I strategy incorporates a set of initiatives that are designed to unleash the full potential of each individual employee in a safe and nurturing environment. By embracing DE&I, we all benefit from a wide range of perspectives, experience, and ideas which promote innovation and growth as well as creating a more equitable and just society.

Nurturing & Developing Our Talent

  • Wellness programmes
  • Learning and development
  • Town hall meetings
  • Flexible working
  • Career Paths
  • Mentorship & Education
  • Sports & Social groups across regions
  • The Women's Network

Nuestros clientes

We believe that integrity is an indisputable prerequisite for a successful, sustainable business relationship.

Fenergo is operationally and constitutionally focused on empowering our clients and meeting client objectives to drive their success.

Photo taken from Fenergo's 2023 Client Council event in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

We provide our clients with the highest quality technology solutions, designed to address the most critical pain points in their compliance and client lifecycle management (CLM) operations. We operate policies of continual improvement for our products, processes, and people to deliver exceptional solutions, and services for our clients.

We also prioritize transparency in communication, guaranteeing to our clients that Fenergo will respond quickly and meaningfully to market requirements as well as ensuring our clients receive a reliable service with consistent support.  

Read Client Stories

Our Partners & Suppliers

At Fenergo, the development of long-term relationships with industry-leading partners, suppliers, and other collaborators that make up our business ecosystem allows all parties to achieve mutual growth based on mutual respect.

Fenergo’s vendor and partner selection processes put quality and performance- and ultimately the outcomes for our clients- at the forefront. We maintain fair and free competition in accordance with the letter and spirit of each jurisdiction’s competition laws and recognize the value of maintaining open, collaborative dialogue across all areas of our network.

As a global business, Fenergo encourages all partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices for mutual benefit. We also vet each supplier or partner at onboarding to ensure there is alignment on the values that are central to how we operate.

More about Fenergo's Partners

Our Communities

At Fenergo, the concept of community is important to us. Not only from a client and partner community perspective, but also from the perspective of honoring the communities in which our employees and operations reside. As a result, there are many charitable causes and organizations that we focus on throughout the year.  

Some of these initiatives include:

  • PRIDE Week
  • Disability International Week 
  • Men’s International Day 
  • Women’s International Day

We are invested in building a sustainable, resilient business that creates positive change and benefits the whole of society.


Solid governance practices are the backbone of any successful organization.

As a rapidly growing global company, Fenergo strives to conduct its business in a socially responsible manner in each of the markets in which we operate. We believe in supporting the local communities in which our employees, clients, partners, investors and suppliers live and work.

In 2021, Fenergo was acquired by Astorg and Bridgepoint, two private equity firms with a strong track record in backing well-governed organizations.

As a result, Fenergo has invested in developing and test-driving its policies, procedures, and training around crucial areas such as:

  • Data protection and cybersecurity
  • Modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Bribery, corruption, and whistleblowing
  • Risk management and business continuity
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance

We are invested in building a sustainable, resilient business that creates positive change and benefits the whole of society.