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Gestión del ciclo de vida del cliente

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce®

Combining the strengths of the world’s No. 1 Client Relationship Management solution with the advanced capabilities of the No. 1 Client Lifecycle Management solution.


Unlock the Power of Fenergo’s CLM for Salesforce

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce revolutionizes client engagement, delivering a truly frictionless client journey from prospecting to onboarding.


Transformar la experiencia del cliente

Digitally transform the client experience through rapid onboarding with fewer touchpoints. A reduction in system hand-offs means teams are more organized around completing high-value work.


Activar el potencial para generar más ingresos

With a centralized CRM and CLM solution, you can successfully identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and attract new business with a greater competitive advantage.


Lograr una mayor eficiencia operativa

Transform operations by reducing offline, fragmented or duplicated outreach and unifying client data into a central repository.


Reduce Costs

Fenergo SaaS reduces the costs of managing and maintaining your technology infrastructure and “cost to change” budget, reducing application, support and configuration costs.


Centralize Prospecting & Onboarding with Fenergo

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce transforms the client onboarding and client lifecycle management process. The solution combines the strengths of the world’s No. 1 Client Relationship Management solution with the advanced capabilities of the No. 1 Client Lifecycle Management solution. It digitalizes the entire lifecycle process, becoming the steel thread that digitally connects every client journey.

Características clave

The following modules come as standard in Fenergo CLM

Digital End-to-End Orchestration

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce delivers a truly frictionless and digital client journey from prospecting to onboarding and lifecycle processes. The solution puts Relationship Managers in the driving seat of a new banking relationship, empowering them to search for existing entities and initiate and track new clients and product onboarding directly from their Salesforce screen.

Real-Time Visibility

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce digitally connects every stakeholder in the sales, client onboarding and KYC process. As the client onboarding journey progresses in Fenergo, the Relationship Manager has real-time visibility over the end-to-end process directly from Salesforce and can receive automatic updates via chatter notifications.

Centralized Entity Data & Document Management

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce enables financial institutions to digitally acquire, store and share client information, not only just between Salesforce and Fenergo, but also across multiple business lines and jurisdictions (data laws permitting). Fenergo integrates with a host of external data providers and internal data repositories, acting as a centralized repository of data and documentation, providing a 360° single client view, reducing siloes and enabling informed business decisioning.

Seamless Client Outreach

The Relationship Manager can perform client outreach directly, easily and efficiently uploading client documentation. The solution delivers a best-in-class digital client outreach experience leveraging digital ID&V and e-Signature capabilities. Beneficial owners and authorized signers can also be added to the client outreach process for seamless digital verification and expedited onboarding.


Añada más potencia a Fenergo CLM con estos módulos integrables

What are the benefits of integrating KYC and Onboarding with Salesforce?

The integration brings several key benefits, including enhanced data accuracy and consistency, as client information is synchronized across both platforms. It streamlines workflows, reducing manual data entry and potential errors. Sales and ops teams get a more complete view of the client journey, improving decision-making and client engagement. Additionally, the combined analytics and reporting capabilities of both systems lead to better insights and more informed business strategies.

How does the integration between CLM and Salesforce impact data security and compliance?

With a strong focus on data security and compliance, Fenergo CLM for Salesforce adheres to industry-standard security protocols and data encryption to ensure data safety. Both systems are compliant with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, ensuring that customer data is handled appropriately. Regular security updates and audits are part of the integration's maintenance to guarantee ongoing compliance with evolving data protection laws.

Can existing client data be migrated seamlessly into Salesforce through this integration?

Yes, the solution allows for seamless migration of existing client data into Salesforce and Fenergo. The process is designed to ensure data integrity and maintain the structure and relationships of data points. Advanced mapping tools are used to align Fenergo data fields with Salesforce fields, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to business operations.

How does this integration improve client onboarding and ongoing relationship management?

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce significantly enhances client onboarding and relationship management. The automated workflows streamline the onboarding process, reducing time and effort. The unified view of client data in Salesforce enables better tracking of client interactions and history, providing a more personalized and efficient service. It also allows for proactive management of client relationships, as sales and service teams can easily identify opportunities and risks based on comprehensive client data.



Más información sobre las exitosas transformaciones de nuestros clientes

Bank ABC: Un caso práctico de CLM de Fenergo SaaS

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BNP Paribas S.A Celent Model Bank Ganador de un KYC

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Mizuho Americas: Digitalizando la vinculación del cliente

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Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

"Nuestra misión es hacer posibles las aspiraciones empresariales y de crecimiento de clientes de todo el mundo mediante servicios y soluciones bancarias sin ningún esfuerzo, fluidas y de fácil acceso. La solución de gestión de clientes nativa en la nube de Fenergo, que agiliza y automatiza el proceso de incorporación de clientes, ayuda a cumplir nuestro objetivo y a adaptar la banca a las cambiantes expectativas y preferencias de los clientes en este mundo acelerado y cada vez menos cercano".

Sr. Sael Al Waary, Director General Adjunto del Grupo, Banco ABC
Bank ABC

"Fenergo ofrece una excelente solución de gestión del ciclo de vida del cliente que se ha personalizado para que se adapte a nuestros requisitos y modelo y se ha integrado con distintos sistemas, proveedores de datos y servicios públicos".

Latifa AlMutawa
Gestora de proyectos, BENEFIT Company

"Nuestra principal ambición es racionalizar el proceso de gestión del ciclo de vida del cliente de principio a fin: desde la incorporación hasta el cumplimiento de la normativa y las revisiones del ciclo de vida, para todas nuestras jurisdicciones y normalizar los procesos y procedimientos en las diferentes áreas. Fenergo nos ayudará a conseguir una mayor eficiencia operativa y a mejorar la experiencia de nuestros clientes, manteniendo a la vez el máximo nivel de cumplimiento de la normativa en todo el mundo".

Emma Rey Gállego
Responsable de incorporación de la experiencia del cliente, BBVA

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