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Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

Financial Year End: March 31st, 2022

This statement is made by Fenergo Limited pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act (‘MSA’). Fenergo is wholly committed to corporate social responsibility, and to understanding and safeguarding its business and supply chain from modern slavery and human trafficking.

We recognize that no economy or industry is immune to the issues of modern slavery and human trafficking. Therefore, we strive to ensure that these issues do not exist in any part of our business or supply chain.



Our organization

Fenergo is an Irish-based technology company that provides digital solutions for Client Lifecycle Management and digital transformation for banks, asset managers, asset servicers and fintechs.

Our market-leading software digitally transforms and streamlines end-to-end CLM processes - from regulatory onboarding, data integration, client and counterparty data management, client lifecycle reviews and remediation, all the way to client offboarding. Fenergo is recognized for its in-depth financial services and regulatory expertise and out-of-the-box rules engine, which ensures financial institutions are future-proofed against evolving ESG, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money-Laundering (AML), tax and OTC derivatives-based regulations across 120 jurisdictions.

Recently valued at over $1 billion and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and with offices across the world including North America, the UK, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Asia Pacific and the UAE.

Our supply chain

Fenergo has a strict zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and expects our suppliers to adhere to the same standards. Our industry, as a whole, has a lower risk of exposure to modern slavery and human trafficking and we have not found any evidence, nor have we been made aware of any issues, relating to modern slavery in our supply chain during the financial year ended 31 March 2022.

Our partners undergo a thorough onboarding process and are required to sign up to our Code of Conduct. A specific modern slavery assessment forms part of the Vendor Onboarding Program.

Our approach and policies

Fenergo’s Whistleblowing Policy is intended to encourage and enable Fenergo employees to raise concerns within our workplace. Under this policy, an employee is entitled to raise concerns or disclose information without fear of penalization or threat of less favorable treatment, discrimination or disadvantage.

The Executive Team is briefed on matters relating to Corporate Social Responsibility via our Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee, and employee wide briefings are made available via our intranet.

Risk assessment

In line with a review of our supply chain, we consider, with a high degree of confidence, the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain to be low. We will continue to be vigilant and monitor our risk exposure in this area.

Training & awareness

In order to operationalize this policy, Fenergo will devise and deliver targeted training to our employees to enable them to recognise and report any elements of modern slavery or human trafficking.

Monitoring & review

On an annual basis, the Fenergo board will review statement to ensure it remains relevant, accurate and appropriate for our business needs.


Contact us if you would like more information on our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficing Policy and Statement.