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The Vision for Client Lifecycle Management

Consistent Technology Infrastructure for Global Regulation, Entity Data & Client Lifecycle Events

Data and technology integration is the key to keeping pace with regulatory demands and supporting the end-to-end management of the client lifecycle process.

Download our paper on how to achieve this. 

KYC & AML Client Reviews

The need to do KYC client reviews is indisputable. However, the current approaches used to complete these are most definitely questionable.

New paper from Fenergo explores better ways for financial insitutions to manage the KYC and AML client review process and generate 20% operational savings. 

New Research
The Time & Cost to Onboard Institutional Clients

Special Report and Webinar Playback Now Available

A recent research study and webinar with special guests, Forrester, revealed the time, cost and challenges of client onboarding, and the benefits of implementing a Client Lifecycle Management solution. 

Rules - Driven Regulatory Compliance Management
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