Rules-Driven, Risk-Based Regulatory Onboarding and KYC Processes

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The ever-evolving regulatory landscape is forcing financial institutions to solve multiple regulations and compliance rules simultaneously. Each of these regulations dictate a different set of data and documentation requirements putting increased pressure on already stretched compliance, data management and onboarding teams.

Hampered by a lack of a clear view of all the client and counterparty data and documentation currently held within the organization, financial institutions very often don’t know what data and documentation currently exists across functional boundaries or even, oftentimes, within the same business unit. This leads to repeated requests to clients to submit and resubmit data and documentation.

In an attempt to solve this issue, many financial institutions have already invested heavily in systems and technology – either through a piecemeal or a co-ordinated strategic approach – spanning the areas of business process management (BPM), compliance and data management. However, most have yet to achieve the expected results from these systems and realize the true return on investment from them. This is becoming more pronounced in the areas of compliance, data and document management in the face of the regulatory deluge expected over the coming years.

To address this issue, Fenergo has developed a sophisticated Business Rules Engine (BRE), which brings together regulations across global jurisdictions in one engine to support the KYC, due diligence and regulatory classification requirements across the main banking centres globally. The Fenergo BRE can be either integrated with Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management and Regulatory Onboarding solutions or used as a standalone rules engine. This latter option is targeted towards financial institutions that do not use Fenergo solutions and have already invested in third party Business Process Management (BPM) or in-house built Client Onboarding and KYC solutions but have yet to achieve the desired results.

This product paper explores the benefits of incorporating a robust rules engine into the Regulatory Onboarding, KYC Compliance Management, and Client Lifecycle Management processes and outlines, in particular, how the Fenergo Rules Engine works in practice.


How a regulatory rules engine can benefit AML / KYC compliance, client onboarding and client lifecycle processes.

Download Rules-Driven, Risk-Based Regulatory Onboarding and KYC Processes