Global OTC Derivative Reform in APAC, Whitepapers

How banks are overcoming the patchwork of non-harmonized global OTC derivative regulatory rules.

Global OTC derivative reform is challenging financial institutions across the world to rethink their abilities to achieve compliance in an efficient and coherent manner.

In this paper, Charles Carter-Richards from FinReg and Andy Mantzios from Fenergo outline the enormity of the challenge facing financial institutions striving to comply with a patchwork of OTC derivative regulatory rules within tight regulatory schedules and with little harmonization between regulatory regimes.

The authors outline the many options and routes being undertaken by financial institutions from complying aggressively with the regulations, to non-compliance (either advertently or inadvertently), to deciding if compliance really is worth the business generated by derivatives.

For institutions that have staked a claim in a global OTC derivatives business, the authors explain that while regulatory reform is the new cost of doing business in the derivatives markets, there are a number of technological, people and process elements that can be undertaken to make regulatory compliance with global frameworks efficient and business generative.

About the Author

Andy MantziosAndy is responsible for managing Fenergo’s client engagements in the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on best practice implementation that exceeds client expectations. He has cultivated deep technical, domain and delivery expertise, and regularly shares these best practice approaches.


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