The wealth management industry has witnessed significant change over the past few years. In order to stay competitive and deliver modern client expectations, successful wealth managers must develop strategies for delivering a streamlined client onboarding journey to a digitally savvy client base.

In this on-demand webinar, The Wealth Mosaic’s Co-Founder and Head of Marketplace & Content, Stephen Wall, speaks with Steve D’Souza, Global Divisional Head – Private Banking & Wealth Managementat Fenergo, and Abhishek Singh, Wealth Management Lead, Global Capital Markets, Capgemini on this topic.

The main talking points of this webinar will include;

Download our playback link and learn:

  • Why Client Experience is the new battleground for Global Wealth Managers
  • How data, innovation, and technology are transforming client onboarding 
  • The latest market trends and insights 
  • What a best-in-class client experience looks like 



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