Financial Institutions and their customers are no longer willing to deal with onboarding delays and a negative experience. FI’s now want to take on legitimate business with appropriate parties in the most efficient, effective and compliant manner possible.

The industry is now looking toward real-time, instant KYC refreshes, profiling & due diligence solutions that operate on a continuous automated by exception only basis, thus allowing for true seamless digital compliance & onboarding. Until now, real-time KYC remediation, profiling and due diligence was not possible, however with the arrival of Fenergo’s Digital KYC solution, this has all changed.

Greg Watson, Global Head of Corporate & Institutional Banking at Fenergo, along with Rachel Woolley, Global AML Manager at Fenergo and Nicola Poole, Global Head of Client Lifecycle Management at Banco Santander discuss how FI’s can move from micromanaged, siloed operations to managing KYC by exception and enable a truly digital, real-time model for KYC remediation, profiling and due diligence.


Watch this webinar to learn the answers to key questions, including:

  • What Digital KYC truly means
  • How Financial Institutions are undertaking real-time KYC practices?
  • What the latest KYC trends and practices are?
  • What technology is needed to enable a Digital KYC model


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