For most Asian financial institutions today, the KYC process is critically important but highly inefficient, typically involving thousands of man hours to remediate, refresh and perform customer reviews and data refreshes. Meanwhile, across the US and Europe, we are seeing a paradigm shift away from the traditional ‘tick-the-box’ approach towards real-time, ongoing customer due diligence.

In this webinar, we explore the benefits a continuous, digital KYC process can bring to a financial institution in its ability to facilitate compliance with new and existing regulatory obligations, drawing from real examples selected from Fenergo’s Global Client Working Groups.

Key talking points include:

  • The regulatory drivers for adopting ongoing customer due diligence processes
  • How a continuous KYC process can help institutions manage regulatory obligations
  • The target architecture needed to implement a continuous KYC process
  • The importance of data management and API connections in enhancing the client journey
  • The benefits that a real-time, digital KYC process can deliver to financial institutions

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