Learn how Fenergo’s Digital Client Orchestrator (DCO) is enabling leading market players to leap-frog their competitors and deliver a truly optimised omni-channel experience.

In this webinar, Fenergo’s industry experts for an exploration of the current state of client onboarding and regulatory compliance within C&IB and discover what best practice client lifecycle management looks like.

In this webinar, 

  • Fenergo CTO Niall Twomey describes the Vision for Digital Client Orchestration, and the business benefits this will yield to our customers.
  • Nathan Elias, Senior Product Consultant provides a summary of the DCO solutions, with highlighting key features, and showing use cases of where our customers are implementing DCO today.
  • Also features a DEMO of Fenergo Digital Client Orchestration for Client Onboarding & Lifecycle Management, by Cameron Kenny our Pre-Sales consultant.


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