Digitalizing the Customer Experience – Defining an optimal Business Model and Technology mix for Mid-Tier Banks

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Mid-tier and smaller banks are often at a technological disadvantage compared to bigger banks with deeper pockets. A veritable David and Goliath situation.  

As a result, we’re seeing a wave of consolidation taking place in the industry, with mid-tier banks combining to pool technology resources to compete for market space.  

In this webinar, Fenergo joins forces with City National Bank, Origin Bank and Salesforce to discuss how mid-tier and smaller banks can define an optimal Business Model and leverage the power of SaaS solutions to deliver greater operational efficiencies across the front and middle office that result in truly compliant and differentiated customer experiences.  

Together, we’ll explore:   

  • The current trends and drivers of digitalizing the customer experience 
  • How mid-tier banks are competing on customer experience today 
  • The core pain points facing mid-tier banks. Is it technology, integration, data, compliance? 

We’ll showcase:  

  • An optimal business model for solving compliance, data and customer journey workflows
  • The ideal mix of technologies that can be delivered in a SaaS model 



Niall Twomey

Chief Technology Officer

Corey Le Blanc

Chief Digital + Innovation Officer, Origin Bank

Michael Cordas

SVP, Enterprise Business Transformation City National Bank

Andrew Brandman

Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO, Financial Services Salesforce
From front and back office teams operating in silos to multiple disconnected legacy systems , financial institutions have to overcome many challenges to deliver the fast, frictionless onboarding experience today’s customers demand. However, integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) and middle-to-back office systems can be an effective way to optimize the onboarding process and build better customer relationships.
Customer experience

Download Digitalizing the Customer Experience – Defining an optimal Business Model and Technology mix for Mid-Tier Banks