Joe Dunphy, Fenergo’s VP of Product Management, participated on a webinar with the A-Team Group to discuss The┬áData Management Challenges of Client Onboarding & KYC.

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During the webinar, Joe gives his input into the following areas of thought:

  • How are financial firms managing client onboarding today and why can this be suboptimal for both firms and their clients?
  • What regulatory requirements are driving firms to readdress their client onboarding and KYC processes?
  • What are the overarching data management challenges of client onboarding and KYC?
  • What new technology approaches are emerging that could help firms streamline customer onboarding and meet evolving KYC requirements?
  • How do new approaches such as shared and managed services support customer data collection and validation?
  • How do new approaches manage customer data throughout the lifecycle of a customer?
  • How can FIs balance regulatory compliance with legislation that restricts access to some customer data?

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