APAC Regulatory Horizon: A Three Year View Key Trends Across Financial Crime, Data Privacy & ESG

Regulators will continue to introduce new rules to bolster effectiveness of financial crime compliance programmes in the years ahead. For financial institutions, this will mean keeping informed of incoming regulatory changes, as well as planning and prioritising implementation to ensure readiness for new compliance protocols.

In this webinar, Regulation Asia and Fenergo will set out a three-year regulatory roadmap and outline the steps APAC financial institutions should be taking to plan implementation efforts. Specifically, we will look at AML/KYC compliance, data privacy rules, and sustainable finance & ESG trends, exploring the changes to compliance processes and procedures that will be needed.


  • Three-year regulatory roadmap of financial crime compliance rules in APAC
  • AML/KYC compliance: exploring recent trends that influence both legislation and the financial industry’s response to financial crime, the question of ‘effectiveness’, and the move away from a ‘tick-box’ compliance culture.
  • Data privacy rules: exploring how APAC rules conform and diverge from the GDPR set norm and the impact these differences have on data flows within financial institutions.
  • Sustainable Finance & ESG: exploring how APAC sustainability initiatives and regulatory trends in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia compare to those in the EU.

We’ll be examining best practices for managing changing rules, the role of technology in improving efficiency and effectiveness across compliance programmes, and key design elements for a risk-based approach to regulatory compliance.

In 2020, APAC overtook the US for the first time since 2015 in terms of the penalties imposed by regulators for AML and KYC violations. During the year, revelations from the leaked FinCEN Files also shined a light on the ‘effectiveness’ of financial crime compliance programmes both in APAC and abroad.

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