Fenergo’s latest analysis of global financial institution fines shows that regulators across EMEA, US, APAC and MENA have issued USD$36 billion in AML/KYC and sanctions-related fines since 2008 and $10 billion in the past year.

Our subject matter expert, Rachel Wooley, and The Dark Money Files presenters, Graham Barrow and Ray Blake, dissect these findings and offer new insights into global financial enforcement trends and the drivers behind them.

Key highlights from the research include:

  • US$10 billion in fines issued in 2019 for non-compliance with AML, KYC and sanctions regulations
  • 12 of world’s top 50 banks penalized
  • US$89.1 million was the average 2019 fine value issued
  • France issued 51% of the total amount (by $) in fines, followed by US (43%), Belgium (3%), UK (2%)

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