Connect seamlessly and automatically to all necessary data systems for an omni-channel customer journey throughout the lifecycle.


Fenergo API-Connect uses advanced APIs to integrate with an expansive range of front-end systems. This range includes third-party platforms such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics, along with in-house and client-facing channels such as web portals, Backbase and Kony.

API-Connect automates the retrieval, verification and processing of customer information from external sources and integrates with e-signature vendors to automate the contract signing process. Fenergo’s rules-driven approach automatically guides the customer journey across a variety of channels – mobile, online, branch, customer call centre or relationship manager – enhancing the client experience and the integrity of data capture.

With Fenergo API-Connect, financial institutions can:

  • Deliver true omni-channel client journeys from the channel of the customer’s choice;
  • Improve operational efficiencies by up to 82% with automated workflows that save time and effort;
  • Seamlessly integrate via APIs with a host of front-end and client-facing solutions to ensure a smooth process for all data and documents from each system;
  • Effectively manage and centralize data to maximize re-use for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities;
  • Ensure compliance throughout the client lifecycle through any and every channel.
By deploying the Fenergo CLM Platform we were able to achieve consistency in our onboarding processes. The benefit for the firm and for the customer is that all the information is centralized in one place, including documentation.
Leonardo Lanzetta
Head of Data Management and Analytics Group, SMBC Nikko Securities America, Inc

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