Real-Time Data & Document Recognition.

Fen-Docs is a sophisticated document automation solution that reduces the time and cost of managing client lifecycle events. Powered by OCR and machine learning technologies, the solution enables real-time recognition, extraction, classification and validation of text and images from documents. The system comes with ‘pre-trained’ document classifers such as W8-BEN, ISDA Master Agreement, D&B Company Reports and Passport. The automation of manual document processing reduces operational risk and enhances operational efficiencies across your organisation. 

Fen-Docs enables a financial institution to:

  • Upload documentation through a combination of ingestion points (single and bulk uploads, email uploads etc.);
  • Automate classification of documents and extract relevant data through OCR and NLP;
  • Auto-home documents by auto-linking documents and/or data to their legal entity or client profile;
  • Train and hone the system to identify documents and define relevant information in line with organizational policies and procedures;
  • View documents and add annotations in a user-friendly manner.

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