The Risk Assessment Challenge

Financial institutions are coming under ever-increasing pressure from regulators to adopt a risk-based approach to financial crime, requiring them to constantly assess and evaluate the size of the risk of doing business with clients, and make decisions based on these evaluations.

However, most current risk scoring tools are manual or highly reliant on internal IT support, resulting in delayed or inaccurate risk scoring, failure to detect high-risk clients and counterparties quickly, and the misclassification of low-risk clients and related parties.

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Automated, On-Demand Risk Assessments with Fenergo

Fenergo FinCrime Risk enables financial institutions to automate financial crime risk assessment of clients and their related parties.

Powerful FinCrime Risk APIs empower business users to make on-demand, automated risk calls and calculations at any stage during the due diligence process, eliminating the need for siloed, manual risk calculation.

Centralized, Single Source of Client and Related Party Risk Assessment

Fenergo FinCrime Risk enables your organization to support and represent the granularity of complex financial crime risk models, including risk categories, risk factors, weightings, thresholds and calculation algorithms.

Users can trust that the correct financial crime risk model is called at the correct point-in-time thanks to FinCrime Risk’s dynamic scoping rules, as defined by your business.

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No-Code Configuration

Fenergo FinCrime Risk’s dedicated, intuitive Configuration User Interface gives your business users the power to make changes easily and instantly to all components of the Risk Model framework without requiring IT support.

Users can simulate calculations using draft versions of risk models to reflect proposed changes in risk model methodologies. All changes to risk models are versioned and subject to governance controls as defined by your organization, enabling you to easily evidence model changes to auditors.

Enterprise-Wide, API-first Integration

Enterprise-wide, and API-first, it allows financial institutions to manage financial crime risk across multiple business lines and channels. It integrates seamless into any technology ecosystem, connecting multiple applications and supporting various stakeholders.

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With Fenergo FinCrime Risk, you can:

Reduce Risk and Manage Compliance

keeping your organization safe from bad actors.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

with API integrations and reduced swivel chair activity.

Transform the Client Experience

through faster compliance and onboarding for new clients.

Unlock Revenue Opportunities

by growing business with legitimate clients and focusing resources on higher-value client activities.

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A core part of our business transformation program will involve creating an internal centralized KYC target operating model that will help us to simultaneously improve the client experience and reduce the cost impact of the regulatory KYC activities. Fenergo is the technology platform that will underpin this initiative.

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