Tax Compliance

Empowering financial institutions to efficiently manage the client onboarding and classification requirements for CRS and US tax compliance obligations without impacting client experience. 

Simplified Global Tax Compliance.

Fenergo Tax-Comply facilitates financial institutions to effectively manage their tax compliance obligations, enabling them to meet their obligations with both US Tax (FATCA and 871M) and Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

It streamlines the regulatory client lifecycle management processes for tax compliance by automating and supporting the collection, validation, processing, maintenance and storage of tax-based documentation and forms to support compliance with tax rules and regulations. It also manages a complex web of identifiers, data and documentation pertaining to all legal entities, hierarchies and relationships that include ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) identification and management through Fenergo Hierarchy-Manager.

Fenergo Tax-Comply allows financial institutions to:

  • Meet compliance obligations for both US Tax (FATCA and 871M) and Common Reporting Standards (CRS).
  • Reduce tax compliance costs by automating the onboarding process.
  • Minimize the impact on the customer experience, ensuring re-use of data and documentation.
  • Automate client outreach and the collection of data and documents using Fenergo Client-Connect, which automatically requests and validates information from clients as required.
  • Ensure compliance through the client lifecycle with both regular and event-driven reviews.
  • Introduce new tax rules as regulations change to ensure continued compliance.
  • Gain a 360o view of risk exposure through Fenergo Hierarchy-Manager, which delivers a complete picture of the client’s ownership structure and associations.