Regulatory Community

A mutualized, collaborative approach to compliance-by-design


Fenergo works closely with our client to ensure that all of their regulatory compliance and entity data management requirements are met fully. We offer a proven, mutualized solution via client engagement forums, giving our clients a direct impact on the Fenergo solution

We are client community-led and offer a proven, mutualized solution and input into regulatory & product roadmaps.

Community Regulatory Forums

Fenergo operates a global Regulatory Forum, comprised of our clients with a combined pool of 20,000 compliance professionals. Fenergo mutualizes risk and takes a safety in numbers approach to compliance. The Regulatory Forum allows our client community to collaborate and share ideas on best practice compliance and have direct input into Fenergo’s Regulatory Roadmap.

Regulatory Roadmap

Clients also have access to our Regulatory Roadmap and can add their input. Fenergo’s Regulatory Forum members help to design, interpret and bring to market compliance solutions for enhanced or emerging regulations. Our Roadmap working groups provide greater transparency of when regulatory needs will be met and how to apply rules to processes, policies and procedures internally and externally.