Hierarchy Manager

Expand knowledge of the customer and gain a 360° view of risk exposure with a single, aggregated view of legal entity hierarchies.


Fenergo HierarchyManager is a powerful counterparty hierarchy-modelling and visualization tool.  Its intuitive interface allows a financial institution to build complex hierarchies and associations, yielding a single aggregated view of  any legal entity, including client relationships, associations and beneficial owners (BOs). Pre-packaged with FenAML, Fenergo HierarchyManager is a key tool in managing risk and streamlining the AML compliance process.

Fenergo HierarchyManager allows financial institutions to:

  • Expedite the AML screening and assessment process
  • Streamline regulatory compliance with a 360o view of risk exposure that can be updated across the client life-cycle.
  • Identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and high-risk individuals that require enhance due diligence.
  • Search the hierarchy by entity type, association type, shareholding and proportional shareholding potential, with dynamic real-time filtering.
  • Go beyond Beneficial Ownership with custom views based on lines of business, including ownership, structure view, credit view, legal view etc.

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