Fen Rules

Advanced out-of-the-box regulatory rules
repository for enterprise-wide
spanning a wide range of regulatory frameworks across 100+ jurisdictions

Out-of-the-Box Regulatory Rules.

Fenergo’s market-leading regulatory rules engine, Fen-Rules, was designed to help financial institutions to comply with an ever-evolving regulatory landscape while safeguarding existing compliance investments.

This intelligent solution provides a standalone out-of-the-box repository of rules that helps financial institutions to comply with immediate regulatory obligations and future-proof against evolving regulatory and operational requirements. It brings together – in one repository – all the embedded content, intelligence and rules required to support best practice compliance across 100+ jurisdictions.

Fen-Rules Allows Financial Institutions to:

  • Comply with a comprehensive list of regulatory frameworks that covers AML, KYC, Tax, OTC Derivatives-based regulations and Data Privacy.
  • Future-proof compliance investment with configurable rules that adapt to new regulations and jurisdictions.
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory change management by up to 80% with out-of-the-box integration to major external data and screening providers for KYC, AML and Tax information
  • Deliver a fast and frictionless customer journey by understanding data and document needs upfront
  • Enhance the customer experience by avoiding unnecessary requests for information.
  • Choose between on-premise or Rules as a Service.
  • Gain access to Fenergo’s Regulatory Forum and Roadmaps, along with a global client community to create a collaborative approach to compliance.

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