Automate Risk Assessments with a Risk-Based Approach to AML & KYC compliance 


Fen-Assess helps financial institutions to automate their risk assessment processes and accurately measure the AML/KYC risk exposure of their customers. The solution fuses sophisticated workflow functionality with robust regulatory compliance capabilities, automatically measuring risk across categories such as jurisdiction/geographic risk, client risk, industry risk and product risk. It delivers an accurate overall risk-rating for the customer which determines the level of customer due diligence required (standard or enhanced).

Fen-Assess supports enterprise-wide Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk profile analysis, measurement and risk assessment by providing powerful insights into client and counterparty data that effectively identifies, measures and mitigates money laundering risks.

FenAssess Empowers Financial Institutions to: 

  • Expedite client onboarding through automation.
  • Enhance the client experience with a consistent risk-assessment process across all customer-facing channels, powered by a 360° view of each client. 
  • Ensure compliance with global and regional AML, KYC and Tax regulations, throughout the client lifecycle.
  • Access fully auditable records of the Client Risk Assessment process in a regulator-ready format.


We chose Fenergo’s solutions because they will enable us to meet the increasing complex regulatory frameworks with an efficient and client-centric onboarding experience.

Fenergo is a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management, AML/KYC Compliance and Client Data Management solutions.