Data Protect

Manage global data privacy obligations in line with AML / KYC requirements throughout the client lifecycle.

Protecting Data Privacy. Delivering Compliance.

Fenergo Data-Protect is a fully automated, rules-driven solution that allows a financial institution to efficiently comply with existing and new data privacy regulations. An out-of-the-box solution, Fenergo Data-Protect delivers a powerful data protection framework to manage key data sets that are common across all existing data privacy rules and regulations, helping to leverage these rulesets and workflows to prepare for emerging data privacy regulations. 

Fenergo Data-Protect allows a financial institution to:

  • Automate compliance with relevant data privacy rules.
  • Remove regulatory interpretation of data privacy rules during the onboarding and compliance processes through our advanced regulatory rules engine.
  • Ensure data is collected and stored lawfully and fairly, in a transparent manner.
  • Support data purpose and minimization (i.e. only necessary data is collected for a specific purpose).
  • Maintain a full audit trail of changes to data and automate the erasure of data based on legal retention periods.
  • Prepare for the introduction of new data privacy rules by re-using and leveraging existing data privacy rulesets and workflows.
  • Collaborate with Fenergo clients to create a regulatory roadmap of emerging data privacy regimes and requirements.