Advanced API integrations to key data, screening, transaction monitoring providers and KYC utilities  

Connecting Data.
Powering Compliance.

Fenergo Data-Connect uses advanced APIs, file-based interfaces, intelligent rules logic and advanced workflow technology to efficiently acquire and manage client data through the entire lifecycle. It integrates with multiple leading data, screening and transaction monitoring providers, as well as a host of KYC utilities around the world. In-built intelligence is used to manage conflicting data, bulk actions and subscriptions. It can also challenge data, compare and update information. The solution includes a sophisticated security and audit framework to control appropriate access and track every attribute that is processed.

Fenergo Data-Connect allows a financial institution to:

  • Efficiently manage interaction with data providers and services.
  • Validate incoming data, automatically update data sources and notify the customer of any change to data sources used.
  • Expedite the onboarding process and other interactions across the client lifecycle.
  • Gain a single, aggregated view of legal entities across all datasets, AML, KYC, relationships, hierarchies and more.
  • Improve data accuracy as automation removes the need to rekey data into various systems.

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Fenergo is a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management, AML/KYC Compliance and Client Data Management solutions.