AML / KYC Compliance

A rules-driven, risk-based approach to solving compliance obligations across 100+ jurisdictions

Fight Financial Crime.
Know Your Customer.

Fenergo AML/KYC is a rules-driven, risk-based approach that ensures financial institutions meet their Anti-Money Laundering compliance obligations across multiple jurisdictions. Fen-AML gathers information from clients and relevant data sources to perform an accurate risk assessment of its customers, streamlining your compliance management.

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Fenergo Digital AML / KYC is an out-of-the-box, integrated platform that manages all relevant Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance requirements. Seamless API integrations facilitate automatic connection to relevant data sources to create a holistic client risk profile. Sophisticated Identity Verification and eSignature technologies are included to simplify and expedite the client onboarding process.

Fenergo Compliance Backbone enables financial institutions to achieve consistent application of AML and KYC compliance across every channel, line of business and jurisdiction. It is an enterprise-wide solution powered by our best-in-class Regulatory Rules Engine, enabling financial institutions to digitalize their client journeys from end-to-end and streamline the management of global regulatory requirements.

Fenergo Hierarchy Manager is a powerful counterparty hierarchy-modelling and visualization tool.  Its intuitive interface allows a financial institution to build complex hierarchies and associations, yielding a single aggregated view of any legal entity, including client relationships, associations, and beneficial owners (BOs). Hierarchy Manager is a key tool in managing risk and streamlining the AML / KYC compliance process.

Fenergo Data-Connect uses advanced APIs, file-based interfaces, intelligent rules logic and advanced workflow technology to efficiently acquire and manage client data through the entire lifecycle. It seamlessly integrates with multiple leading data and screening providers, as well as a host of KYC utilities around the world. In-built intelligence is used to manage conflicting data, bulk actions and subscriptions.