Solve Financial Crime. Deliver Assurance.

Fenergo Financial Crime & Compliance fuses the latest technologies to enable financial firms to comply with a wide range of local and global regulations including Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Know Your Customer (KYC), Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR), Tax, OTC Derivatives and Data Privacy rules spanning 100+ jurisdictions. With Fenergo Financial Crime & Compliance, financial institutions can fight both domestic and cross-border financial crime and deliver compliance efficiently and effectively.
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We chose Fenergo’s solutions because they will enable us to meet the increasing complex regulatory frameworks with an efficient and client-centric onboarding experience.

Fenergo’s Financial Crime & Compliance gives a financial institution:

Enterprise-Wide Compliance

Ensure compliance across 100+ jurisdictions and multiple regulatory frameworks with intelligent coverage

Automated Risk Assessments

Automate risk assessments and accurately calculate the exact level of client due diligence required

A 360-Degree View of Risk Exposure

Gain a complete view of complex legal entity structures and easily identify every Politically Exposed Person

Future-Proofed Compliance by Design

Achieve 80% reduction in regulatory change management costs with our community-based approach

Our Financial Crime & Compliance Solutions include:

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    The industry’s under quite a lot of cost pressure, and that’s where I think moving to more digitalized automated solutions that leverage technology is becoming really important.
    Heather Adams
    Managing Director, Accenture Finance and Risk