Fenergo Client-Connect is an advanced, client-facing portal designed to digitalize client service requests, providing your financial clients and investors with the ability to digitally interact with their financial services provider and perform a raft of activities in a secure and convenient way. Its user-friendly interface enhances client / investor experience, improves operational efficiencies, and reduces the time, cost and effort involved in collecting data and documentation from clients. 

Fenergo Client-Connect allows a financial institution to:

  • Apply for new products or services and open new accounts;
  • Submit new or updated client information (e.g. new address, new associations, updated company information etc.);
  • Have more control and transparency over their data;
  • Communicate conveniently with their banking provider.

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Fenergo provides an excellent Client Lifecycle Management solution that has been customized to fit our requirement and model, and integrated with different systems, data providers and public services.
Ms. Latifa AlMutawa
Project Manager, BENEFIT Company

Fenergo is a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management, AML/KYC Compliance and Client Data Management solutions.